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Philippine Marriage & Family Laws and other Wedding Requirements

The Law of Marriage in the Philippines in the 1900s
A historical overview on Philippine weddings at the start of the century.

General Church Wedding Requirements
As prescribed by the Roman Catholic church.

Church Requirements for Marriage with Foreigners
For unions between a Filipino and a foreign national.

How to Get Married in the Philippines if You are a U.S. Citizen
Source: the U.S. Embassy in Manila.

Foreigners and Marriage in the Philippines
Proper procedure in marrying a citizen of the Philippines.

Application for a Philippine Marriage License
A requirement for either a Civil or Church wedding to be held in the Philippines.

Marriages Exempted from Marriage License Requirements
Instances when a Marriage License can be dispensed with.

Parental Consent vs. Parental Advice
The difference between the two terms for purposes of contracting marriage.

Application for CENOMAR*
*means Certificate of No Marriage Record or Certificate of Singleness.

The Legal Aspect of Marriage
Digest and highlights on marriage-related articles in the Philippine Family Code.

The Family Code of the Philippines
Civil laws on Marriage & Family Relations governing the Philippines to date.

Property Relations in Marriage
Things to know if one has properties to his or her name even before tying the knot.

Legal Tidbit: Jilting at the Altar
Legal view for being stood-up in a wedding.

Free Legal Advice on Wedding, Marriage & Family
Legal concerns answered by legal experts from

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