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My Little KanChiu Book
ISBN 978-971-93845-0-2
2nd Edition (2007)

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About this Edition:

Though the first edition of My Little KanChiu Book was exhaustive, we knew it could be better. Hence, we've added articles on Chinese Dowry and the unique Tsinoy Reception. Also included are some charts based on Chinese Astrology to serve as guide in compatibility and selecting an Auspicious Date.

On the surface, a non-Chinese may think these rituals seem too materialistic. But deeper understanding would reveal these practices are about respect for elders, sincerity of intentions, harmonious relationship between two families, and wishes for the soon-to-weds' bright future.

These traditions were passed verbally through generations, so it's inevitable that some evolved with varied interpretations. It is our intention to document these colorful rituals in a mini-guidebook format so that future Tsinoy generations may truly understand their rich heritage.

Kiong Hee!



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