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Cory & Ninoy: Wedding Trivia and Old Photographs


  • October 11, 1954 – Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino married Corazon ‘Cory” Cojuangco at our Lady of Sorrow Church along F.B. Harrison st. in Pasay City.


  • Cory’s wedding gown was made by National Artist for Fashion Design, the late, great Ramon Valera. [source]



  • Having come from political families, then President Ramon Magsaysay (leftmost) stood as a principal sponsor (ninong) in the wedding [source]



  • During the reception, a dove from the wedding bell landed on Cory’s head. The old folks believed it was an omen of a higher position, power and peace. But due to the bride’s quiet and simple demeanor, the good sign was taken to mean it’s the groom who would be president someday. Cory would later confide that no one knew then the dove landing on her head would mean she, not Ninoy, would be president someday. [source]


  • 1973 – their 19 wedding anniversary. Ninoy wrote a 19-stanza poem for his wife entitled I have fallen in Love with the Same Woman Thrice from his prison cell in Fort Bonifacio.  This was later set to music by singer/songwriter Jose Mari Chan.


  • 1979 – their 25th wedding anniversary. Ninoy begged Marcos to allow him to leave prison for the renewal of their marriage vows. Marcos, perhaps calculating that Ninoy was already a spent political force, granted the prisoner a thirty-six-hour furlough to celebrate his silver anniversary. [source]


  •  Ninoy also used the vow renewal occasion to slip a letter to Jaime Cardinal Sin, who led the ceremony. It is said that it was Cory who passed on the letter to the His Eminence. Ninoy said: “Your eminence, only you can lead our exodus through the desert.”  [source]
  1. Cheryl & Ed Says:

    what a lovely entry…will be linking this from my blog. i love the last point a lot.
    thanks for sharing the photos. (the dove photo was a hard-to-find one!)

  2. Benz Rana Says:

    Thanks Cheryl, galing noh? Was also interested when I saw John post this eh.

  3. pam Says:

    hi benz and john,

    this is a beautiful post, would love to link this to my FB page. thanks for sharing


  4. Cheryl & Ed Says:

    done with the postings – check it out http://currant7.blogspot.com/2009/08/tita-coryrip.html#links

    galing…sweet and totally a wonderful entry. :D

  5. raquel (ni carlo) Says:

    winner na mga entries!
    lupeeeet mag-research!

  6. John Rana Says:

    Maraming salamat, Raquel! :)

  7. Roanna Says:

    Hi Benz and John,

    Love this entry. Ang galing nyo maghanap ng pictures:) More!!!

  8. Fatima Says:

    I really sympathized with the Aquinos…

    i feel sad for the loss of madam Cory.. :(

    Rest in peace Madam Cory…

    Pray for the pece of our country when you get in heaven..

  9. yeyetgonzales Says:

    what have happened to Ninoy & Cory are now things of a past… their destiny has materialized and written and should never be forgotten… they both left a legacy for us all filipinos to emulate and protect… hindi sila nag-iisa para sa impossible dream!
    rest in eternal peace with our Lord God, beloved Ninoy & Cory!

  10. orlynjoy Says:

    ..i really believed in the words of our our mother former president cory

    she’s a good leader and paragon of the law…

    thank you tita cory, i pray for your lifetime peace..

  11. W@W News Blog » Blog Archive » Pasay City wants a historical marker at Cory-Ninoy wedding site Says:

    […] Cory & Ninoy: Wedding Trivia and Old Photographs […]

  12. joel enriquez Says:


    some wedding photos of ninoy and cory were printed out last August 2 on the Phil Star. I don’t have the cpy anymore. maybe you can publish them here.

  13. joice cassandra cauilan Says:

    nice! cory is so simple

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