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Victor Consunji & Maggie Wilson’s prenup photos & video (in various states of undress)

(photo by MangoRed)

He is a scion of a construction magnate who heads the design & construction firm V. Consunji Inc., while she is a model/beauty queen turned television personality.  The couple is set to be married on December 18.

Last week, Jason Magbanua shared the prenup video of the soon-to-weds.   But it was not the typical saccharine-sweet video that we’d expect from a wedding videographer.  Here’s what he posted in FB as he shared the said video: “Xeng Zulueta’s (stylist) request was simple – we want people who watch this become transfixed and uncomfortable at the same time.”

Below is an excerpt of the article about the couple’s pre-wedding video which appeared in the Sunday Lifestyle of Inquirer:

“Talk of the week of the whole town and cyberspace has been the video of a couple set to tie the knot soon.

Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji’s racy prenup video, which has been making the rounds on social network sites last week, makes jaws drop and sends tongues wagging.

The couple will marry Dec. 18 at Misibis Bay Resort in Bicol.

The video, shot by wedding videographer Jason Magbanua, is the raciest prenup video we’ve ever seen. It shows VJ and former Bb. Pilipinas Maggie Wilson and real estate scion Victor Consunji in various states of undress, in bed, in the pool, in the car, kissing, touching, taking more clothes off.

Hot? Sexy? Wild? Tacky? Inappropriate? Practically pornographic? We’re still deciding.

One thing sure—it’s steamy.”

We are sharing with you the video.  You be the judge. ;)

music: “Glorybox” by Portishead

MangoRed posted in Facebook more pictures from the couple’s e-session straight out of their cam. Untouched.  See the album here.

So what do you think?

  1. diane Says:

    maggie and victor scandal? LOL

  2. anya Says:

    Sorry, but I really don’t like it at all. =(

    I have lots of negative (that’s an understatement) things to say about it because I’m a conservative Filipina bride-to-be.

    It may be art to some (to people living in this Lady Gaga-Katy Perry rainbow of weird outfits and such), but for me… I’m just surprised Jason M. did this.

  3. bibling Says:

    i’m not for it either…sori Maggie..it’s such a scandal for a beauty queen like you:((

  4. Liway Says:

    great artistic video. But Very inappropriate.
    Just my opinion here. Hope no one nails me for it hehe..
    another conservative Filipina Bride here. Manang = )

  5. anne Says:

    not good, not good at all… its supposed to be a prenup. it looked like a POSTnup for me. there are some things that you have to keep in private. this is definitely one of those things.

    sorry maggie, victor and jason magbanua. tsk, tsk, tsk…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What is this? A porno film? Sorry but I am not for it either. I can’t explain the feeling. I am future bride as well and it’s just so inappropriate. Sure prenups are supposed to teasers to the BIG DAY but should be DECENT and not as scandalous as this. . . I am also surprised that Jason M agreed to this.

  7. antagonist Says:

    …at least they gave us some preview of what’s gonna happen after the wedding ceremonies! xD LOL

  8. zenaida Says:

    very indecent 4 a filipina much more to a former Bb. Pilipinas. PWE!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jason Says:

    Thank you for all the feedback.

    I totally understand where the outrage is coming from. Especially in our Filipino context.

    I can harp on how repressed our society is especially about sex. Specifically, pre-marital sex, (heaven help us!).

    But at the end of the day, this was how two people, terribly in love with each other, enough to get married with one another chose to announce their impending union.

    Some may prefer pinwheels and flowers and hugging and picnic baskets in the green, Mags and Vic? – they chose to makeout.

    Again thanks for taking time to watch and commenting.

    Would I do this again? In a heartbeat.

  10. lurkermom Says:

    I’ll edit out the foot at 00:27

  11. Maggie Fan Says:

    Be it in our Filipino context, be it American, Euro, alien, whatever, this one is no art at all. Its just plain porno. Sorry no offense meant.

  12. cyrus Says:

    who cares? its their wedding anyway…peace!

  13. Tim Says:

    Do I like it? Yes. Would I do it for my own wedding? No. In the end, it’s what these two people want. Kasal nila yan eh. It’s their own relationship, their own wedding and marriage. We have no right to judge them. If that’s the way they want to celebrate and announce their wedding, so be it. Who are we to tell them what they should do to be happy? In the end, kahit magalit pa ang mundo sa kanila, kung masaya pa rin silang dalawa at wala naman silang napeperwisyong ibang tao, then that’s what’s important.

    Kudos to Jason Magbanua (and Mangored too) for having the guts to do something different, delivered in a very tasteful and artsy way.

  14. Carla Says:

    Unconventional for a pre-nup video maybe… but if they are really like that prior to their wedding, it’s commendable that they did not settle for conventional pa-sweet scenes that are not parallel to them. Anyway, it’s THEIR pre-nup video.

  15. hyds Says:

    i say kudos to mr. jason magbanua! very artsy and gutsy, love the music too!
    the prenup video has nothing to with any of us but only with victor and maggie, i guess for them, their personality/character, expression of love with each other and even age, is dead-on appropriate.
    and maybe in twenty years or so,this is how they want to be reminded of how in love and passionate they are with each other!
    to the two, stay in love!

  16. W@W Says:

    I agree with Tim.

  17. Steph Says:

    HOT and classy!! great work jason and mango red. loooove it!

  18. curiosity cat Says:

    mr. jason yung shadow nio po kita sa 01:55 :)

    for me, maggie and victor just want to have a unique way to present their soon to be wedding. it’s their choice people. open mindedness is what we need here.

    kudos to mr. jason for pulling this off! :)

  19. yumyum Says:

    qouting JMag: “Would I do this again? In a heartbeat.”

    pwede bang kame na lang ng fiance ko yun? :)

    i love JMag’s and MangoRed’s works :)

    the video and photos are very daring and bold, it’s not pornographic..asa mga taong nagiisip lang yun! :) astig nga ng video eh..

  20. Tina Says:

    For a prenup, yes the concept is really unconventional. I find the video tastefully done naman. If that is how they want to remember/ depict themselves prior their wedding, I don’t have any qualms about it.It’s their wedding naman, it’s their call.

  21. duh??? Says:

    so gross!! for a beauty queen representing our country! turned to be porno queen?

  22. anony Says:

    I don’t understand why people are too negative about this film. The film was nice. And are too judgmental to the Bb. Pilipinas. She’s a person too and Filipino just like you.

    Nice work Jason M!

  23. joni.patty Says:

    I like how Jason M. and MangoRed perceive these photos/videos, very artistic and unbiased.

    However, in my opinion, there are certain things that should be kept away from the public eye. There are other ways to express love where people can relate to and be inspired and where nobody takes offense in it.

    But as what others have said, they’re entitled to their own choices in life. For me, am not for this, but this is their wedding and they did it out of their own will.

  24. secret Says:

    the video was artistically done.

  25. loveeeit Says:

    So what’s the big deal. What’s the fuzz.
    Can’t you appreciate art in motion.
    Common guys. Just loveeee it.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    No amount of art or talent or beauty can hide a video if it is done in poor taste in the first place. I think the couple forgot that marriage is a holy sacrament, and the video defeats the purpose of a pre-nup.

  27. martyr Says:

    i love it maggie,,,go go go

  28. Maycy Says:

    Its their wedding, its their vision. These are two people who wants to express their love in a different way – sensual, sexy, PASSIONATE.

  29. belle Says:

    I agree with Anonymous!

  30. Juan Dela Cruz Says:

    This is GREAT!
    Something new…
    who cares if its about sex or pre marital sex…
    Don’t tell me your not doing it… LOL



  31. Jane Says:

    Porno that’s waht it is

  32. jana Says:

    i’m conservative too…but the film was great. They’ve shown us a film wihout kaplastikan di ba?!I did’nt see anything wrong with it. It is their video and they just wanted to be that way. So please don’t be so judgmental and maging MALAWAK naman pagi-isip ninyo!

    Good job jason and mango red!

  33. love it! Says:

    i love it! kudos to jason magbanua & mangored for creating something like this.

    guys just be happy for the couple!

    let’s not be hypocrite here…we know for a fact that “this” is happening…at least they are tying the knot after all of the kissing and undressing! ;-)

    this is how they want their pre-nup to be e. now if you find it offensive then don’t watch it

  34. jaime zda Says:

    does anyone know what song it is?

  35. barbs Says:

    i don’t know when or if our fellow pinoys be ready for this kind of style…no matter how we say it we’re still conservative in so many ways…

  36. hellyeah Says:

    They don’t even know you. Who are you to comment on their prenup video. It’s THEIR wedding anyway. :)

    KUDOS :)

  37. Harris Says:

    haha im only 19 and im open to this kind of prenup-ing vid thing for a highly conceptualized wedding. i dont see this vid harassing the so called “traditional” teaser or anything. i dont know if you heard about the word ART? for me this vid is one of a kind, unique and AWESOME!

    just a comment of mine. nothing to be in a big deal.

    Kudos to Mangored and Jason Magbanua for making this sizzling vid. :))

  38. Anonymous Says:

    to Jason M, i understand that you are an artist and this is one expression of it. yes our country is a conversative one, what i din’t like with your statement is this one “I can harp on how repressed our society is especially about sex. Specifically, pre-marital sex, (heaven help us!)”. What do you mean by this? So are you saying that we should be open with premarital sex? i do understand that lots of people, inlove or not enter in this kind of situation but my point is how about the youngster? are you teaching good morals with it especially one of the biggest problems of the country right is teenage pregnancy?

  39. Pao Says:

    Good job to jason magbanua, i mean if that’s what the couple wanted, he delivered. Kudos. Now for maggie and the dude, well, good luck.

  40. mia Says:

    what a whorific video sorry its my opinion for a filipina specially !

  41. mel Says:

    nice prenup maggie and victor!!!

    that’s their way of showing it…
    i like it…
    never mind what they say……
    go go go… and more!!

  42. mhia Says:

    It’s nice and i like it…

  43. gale Says:

    hot video..great concept..just bad that it can be accessed by the whole world wide web esp the conservative filipinos..it could have been wiser if you just share it to the guests of the wedding and to your close friends not to everybody so that you won’t get nasty critiques..

  44. Anonymous Says:

    this video… WAY COOL! those making bad comments are just inggit. walang basagan ng trip. helloowww. let them be.

  45. damon Says:

    not very typical, its new, its different and not an old fashion piece so why dont ye all give them their joy, their gettin married, if ye cant say something nice, better say nuttin at all

  46. malou Says:

    nice vid and only a good videographer can do this. also good actor and actress they act naturally. don’t know why some commentator has nothing to say good about this.. at least they share something of them to nothing like us .. it is not how it is done or why it is done. it is the thing that they want us to see how intimate they were and how they deeply love each other. just be happy on whats going on with your life and amaze that some people with high profile all of the sudden gives us a “sneak preview” on whats happening with them. remember insecurities do nothing to people with like you. i am not a fan not a friend dont now both of them either i am just amaze by this video and terribly sorry that some people comments so negatively as if you’re affected. pasalamat nga kyo nakapanood kyo ng libre!!!

  47. EmSki Says:

    WOW! I wonder how their wedding video will turn out. Ayiii!!! ;)

  48. sakura Says:

    love et!

  49. Bruha Says:

    Sus me scandal daw…si Victor C. in fairness…sarap lamasin ng pecs nya…ahahay…

  50. enigma Says:

    kunwari pa kayo dyan, mga feeling maria clara. never had sex before ur wedding? REALLY. buti nga they’re showing so much passion, eh marami diyan di pa nga nag tatie ng knot wala nang passion! inggit!

  51. Mira Says:

    ok naman s’ya.. kaso parang david and victoria beckham… astig pero for prenup…? i don’t think so..

  52. W@W Says:

    @jaime zda: the music is called “Glorybox” by Portishead

  53. millet Says:

    i am not a bride-to-be. i dont have the guts to the same, to be honest. but i think those commenting that its not proper are repressed individuals.

    its just maggie and victor’s personality are very strong for them to decide that their prenups be like that.

    the video per se is not that scandalous. i saw only torrid kissings but their private parts are still concealed. so maybe, those pouring in negative comments have their libido touched and they didnt find full satisfaction since the scenes are not totally undressed.

    sorry for those kunwari paconservative gals there.
    pero magpakatotoo na lang kayo but i guess you won’t be kasi repressed nga kayo.

    for jason, congrats for an art well done! you just provoked curiosity for the narrow minded.

  54. YJ Says:

    One word: Provocative

    It’s really an artsy presentation that shows provocation, but at the same time reveals a passion that not many people can relate to. But since they’re both artists in their respective crafts, you can definitely see them deciding on something out of the box like this.

    And, as many already pointed out, this wasn’t made for you to base your own ideas for your own prenup video. It is simply their way of expressing the depth of their love for each other. Unfortunately, in a society that thinks even sex education is not a good idea, going down the risky path can become a disaster in the making with more repressed people coiling in disgust outwardly, but feeling highly seduced on the inside.

    Check for symbols if you must, since some are probably too distracted to note how the story progressed from start to finish. Basically, the first showed them waiting for the right one, finding the right one and the passion it ignites, the insatiable desire to be with that person, the willingness to reveal oneself – emotionally, physically, mentally – and the trust they share with one another as they both dived into the water – a symbol of their union, I suppose.

  55. me Says:

    hindi ako magtataka kung sakali mang dumating ang panahon na magkahiwalay ang dalawa tulad ng ibang celebrities ay makikita natin si maggie as one of those daring stars who bares on-screen.

    i am not for the film. whether it is for a pre-nup or a post nup, the thing is, this should just be between the two of them and not for the public to view.

  56. kikay Says:

    mind ur own business…its their choice…inggit lang kayo!!!che:D

  57. wheng Says:

    can their parents take to look at these videos and photos in wedding day? come to think about that guys!!!!!!

  58. nicstam Says:

    i think this one gave justice to arts. It is not pornography at all. IT’S AN ART actually.

    I’m 18 and i’m open to these kinds of things (although, i’m conservative too). You know what I don’t like about the Filipinos? They think they are too conservative but the truth is they are NOT! They don’t expose their true personas because they are afraid to be scrutinized by the people.

  59. corrie881 Says:

    saw this vid on FB.. first time I saw, it’s awesome. the moves. the setting, the lighting, the song, even the excitement of lovers of their wedding.. everything exudes in the video. Jason Magbanua, whoever you are, you certainly are a genius!

  60. ambot Says:

    Unusual prenup shots….. They posted the video to get a comment…Yeah, wala nga tayong paki kasi wedding nila ito..But dahil nilagay nila ito sa internet, it means we are welcome na makialam….Be careful little eyes what you see…Cguro para maiba naman…..kaya ganun……bahala na nga sila…

  61. :| PURPLE |: Says:

    it was great. BRAVO! the hottest pre-nup video ever. it was a pre-nup presented in another perspective. unique and one of a kind. i don’t think that there’s wrong about it. it’s just that we are not used to it. it’s nice to be open minded and view things artistically. life is an ART. we might as well think outside the box. we all have a choice and that was their choice. better that we respect them with all our heart :|

  62. Guriba Says:

    Come on people. It hurts right? Cause all of
    you guys know that you can’t do such an EXQUISITE
    video as they did. And its unfair for Maggie & Victor, Who the hell are you people to judged them. You have judged, weighted, measured the young couple. You guys are being racist to your own kind, and being dishonest to your own selves, Its true, every couple wedded or in a relationship has done SEX! before prenup or post. So don’t be so Crazy Jealous about the two. And Its their thing So
    “Judge not lest you be judged”

  63. cool cat Says:

    They’re not showing love for each other but lust for each one. will their marriage last? In a heartbeat!

  64. chelsea Says:

    “…we want people who watch this become transfixed and uncomfortable at the same time.” — ah, kaya naman pala. it’s true what people are saying then: PAPANSIN VIDEO OF THE YEAR. i’m so surprised jason m. agreed to do this. bumaba tuloy tingin namin sa kanya. tsk, tsk, tsk.

  65. Pee Says:

    awesome awesome steamy vid!

    i dont see anything wrong wit th vid. its art in motion, no private parts were shown just a pure make-out session which is done by all th couples in th world out there. so pano sya naging porno? hehe hindi nyo ba ginagawa yan?

    anyhoo, nega comments are inevitable. what to do.

    they paid for it, they wanted it. thats how they want to remember how passionate and inlove they are before they got married 20yrs fr now.. cmon! and oh, they have th body, th bueaty and th guts to do it on cam.. sooooo kudos Jmag!! this is sensually awesome! LOl!

  66. Guriba Says:

    Come on people. It hurts right? Cause all of
    you guys know that you can’t do such an EXQUISITE
    video as they did. And its unfair for Maggie & Victor, Who the hell are you people to judged them. You have judged, weighted, measured the young couple. You guys are being racist to your own kind, and being dishonest to your own selves, Its true, every couple wedded or in a relationship has done SEX! before prenup or post. So don’t be so Crazy Jealous about the two. And Its their thing, So
    “Judge not lest you be judged”

  67. me Says:

    nothing against the couple…but the video isnt that nice…thanks a lot to the background music that gave a little something to listen too..if you’ll try to watch it with out the music its nothing…

  68. Edward Says:

    Yeah. They want a “statement”? Then lets see those two in their underwear at their church wedding. That’ll be “different”.
    And sure, who cares if they do? They’re two people in love. It’s their wedding . . .

    We have a thing called propriety, friends.

    ‘Want a hornier version?
    After all the hot makeout scenes, the screen fades into the next day at the wedding. When Maggie marries another man. .
    And Victor is actually . . the best man.
    Then Maggie and Victor crosses sight at the aisle near the altar. And as his groom smiles at the priest, Maggie gives Victor that naughty smile.
    Fade out.

  69. lai Says:

    it’s so dugyot!

  70. khj Says:

    “…we want people who watch this become transfixed and uncomfortable at the same time.”

    figures. now i truly believe what people are saying, this truly should win the PAPANSIN VIDEO OF THE YEAR award. so disappointed in jason m…and to think we so looked up to him before this. tsk, tsk, tsk.

  71. Adam Warlock Says:

    Jason, I understand. Nagpapakatotoo ka lang pati ang bride at husband to be. The cinematography is great. The editing is terrific. But think of it this way, who is your target audience? Consider that, dude! Do you think that this wedding will only be attended by adults aged 18 years and older? I think not! Definitely, even an 80-year old man will have an erection out of this video. Much more so for adolescents who will be taking part in the sacred matrimony. You are INCONSIDERATE, Jason.

    This is a wedding, an event that unites two persons. A covenant shared in mutual consent. An experience enriched by mutual love and fidelity. A wedding is also considered as the union of two families.

    Consider the sexual connotations of the phrase “making out.” It is a sexual slang for persons hungry for lust. There’s nothing deep and significant in this video. My conclusion? I consider Victor and Maggie as sex animals. Thats not love! Kinda superficial really. Im pretty sure, this relationship won’t even last for long. Mark that!!

  72. Anonymous Says:

    does our culture have a standard prenup video?
    do we have to follow and adhere to those standards?
    why so many commentators here keep saying that this vid is inappropriate? what are the standards that should serve as our guide in making pre-nup vids?
    tsk..tsk..tsk.. when will we be able to learn not to interfere at someone’s business?!!..still,deviancy is always discriminated in a stupid society…

  73. khj Says:

    they call this a pre-wedding video? sure looks like a teaser for a porn indie film. so tacky! i wonder what kind of videos they will show their guest on their wedding day…betcha pounds for donuts there’d be lots’a squirming on that wedding reception. lots of luck to the poor guests. hehehe!

  74. rj Says:

    alam nyo ung title ng kanta?

  75. FrancisG Says:

    Artistic. But this is not pre-nup. This is honeymoon.

  76. gexie Says:

    the video has a different feel & that in Philippine context may take sometime to understand and accept. But is it an art? Yes, I think so. But distracting, yes. I have not seen one like this before. Nakakaintriga. And for personal reasons, I would be somehow shy enough to let my elders see whats up with the video. The issue of virginity is touched. It’s like ma, pa, lola, lolo..we are not virgins anymore so we are getting married. Unless, they are the modern thinkers, like yuppies, they say why not let’s get it on! :). But who cares? It’s the couple’s video they will love it, no matter what haters say.

  77. Paul Says:

    What’s the fuss? It’s a nice video! Sometimes, thinking out of the box is good. It makes people take notice. This one included. :-)

  78. gexie Says:

    pero sayang yung video, sana di masyado negativity (

  79. Professor XXX Says:

    This is one of the best videos I have ever watched. It is best suited for a teaser of a series of XXX movies. It is unique, and energetic. It captivated my lust.

    Truly a modern way of doing porn.

    Cheers up!

  80. khj Says:

    oh wow, my other comment was not approved just because i said we are sooooo disappointed with jason m. for agreeing to do this? i’m just stating a fact. a lot of people are saying this should win the papansin video of the year award. that’s a good thing, right? because that’s what they all wanted in the first place, lots of pansin. jason m. is even admitting how much he’s loving the attention. so, kudos to you jason m., you’re attracting all the attention you’ve been dreaming of. such a far cry from the time when we commissioned your services for our wedding so many years ago. you were just known in the wedding circles then. now, even if a lot of people are saying so many negative things about your video, it’s such a happy time, right? at least now you’re already so sikat. there’s no business like show business, yeah?

  81. lysa Says:

    it’s a nice art.the film is fool of passion..but to make it as a film for pre nup is a no no..this doesn’t suit to all kinds of viewers…rated PG!

  82. adah Says:

    nice one!..love it…

  83. nikki Says:

    Looks like they are just getting married for sex? Nice vid but it should be for honeymoon.

  84. kanjo Says:

    well, hope this relationship lasts… best wishes to the couple…

  85. W@W Says:

    @khj: your first comment was apportioned (see comment #s 70 & 73). With the number of comments coming in, the system is overwhelmed and approval is taking longer than usual. :)

  86. HW Says:

    wheres the other part?

  87. ganito talaga buhay Says:

    para sa akin tama si tim buhay na nila wala silang inaagrabyadong tao saka wala na tau sa sinaunang panahon okey siguro insecure lang yung mga tao dyan o kaya hindi marunong makaintindi wala namang halong sex yan na ginagawa in real di tulad ng iba dyan kau be open minded buhay na nila kong gusto nyo mag pa conservative sa sarili then do it to ur self

  88. Chickadora Says:

    Hay naku, bakit ba kayo nag-aaway? Maggi and Wilson would just like their prenup teaser to be unique…Comment kayo ng comment na kesyo pangit pero nood naman kayo ng nood…To Mr. Jason Magbanua, even if I’m not in the Arts, I consider your work a masterpiece and the music suits the film too…Wow!!! Isa lang masasabi ko, “Ibang klase talaga!!!” Kasing unique din ng soon-to-be bride and groom..

  89. Chickadora Says:

    Ayan, nagkamali tuloy ako ng type. I meant, Maggie and Victor.. LOL

  90. madz Says:

    excluding the fact that this is their prenup video, i’ll say good job to the director and the actors… moving to my personal sentiments— the couple will not last… i don’t know anything about them except their name… but it was the message conveyed to me by this video… no love, no sincerity, purely physical…

  91. hay naku Says:

    this is not the first time Jason M. did something like this. One of our friends’ prenup video had the same theme as this. And we totally hate it…Are they really going to show this at the reception? I just hope no minors were invited…

  92. dentorrecampo Says:

    if marriage is this seductive and sexy, who’s to say no to it? kudos to jason magbanua for the richly portrayed artistry and cinematography!

    shocking perhaps to the conservative set, but nonetheless grounded on contemporary reality and should really be a source of inspiration if not cause for celebration for the modern woman. she sizzles, gets the man of her dreams and that commitment ring–who’s to complain?

    they’re both hot and their passion for each other simply radiates…ahh, let their love and lust endure! cheers to maggie and victor!

  93. cristal Says:

    I love the video, it’s very artistic, but I don’t think it’s suitable to be a prenup video… :(

  94. Nanay Says:

    Nanay ako at ayokong makikita ang anak kong babae na ikakasal pa lamang sa ganitong klase ng video. LUST hindi LOVE ang ipinakikita nila. Best wishes to both of them. Sana they live happily ever after.

  95. galatayosamaka Says:

    maganda ang pagkakagawa niyo kung pelikulang hubaran ang tema
    pero para ito sa dalawang ikakasal na magsing irog
    alam mo sa simula palang na di katanggap tanggap sa ating lipunan ang ganyang palabas

    patungkol naman sa dalawang mag irog na malapit ng ikasal ang lalaswa ninyo

    yan ay aking opinyon at komento

  96. lilacpuddles Says:

    I sure hope the Catholic church wouldn’t officiate their sacrament of marriage. But then again, someone can always be paid off, right? If the price is right. This will definitely show how screwed up the church is. This is lust, not love. It’s not about deviancy in the modern times. If they were going to get married in a civil ceremony, that’s fine — but if it was going to be a church sacrament, this is highly inappropriate. It’s not about self-righteousness either for us conservatives, this is just plain narcissism on the couple’s part (and the videographer). If this is how they’re like as a couple, then they should have kept that intimacy to themselves, in the closed doors of a marriage bed. Let go of your values, but don’t parade it to the world like you’re even proud of it.

  97. yey! Says:

    like DUH to people who’d say that this couple will not last.. dont judge th couple by its VIDEO!

    wag po tayong mgpala ipokrito, kahit ultimo sa pinaka conservative na bansa nag eengage na ang mga couple sa pre-marital s*x. ayaw man natin tanggapin, kahit gustuhin man nating itago sa mga magiging anak at apo natin, eh nangyayari at nangyayari ito!

    so if th couple would pose in a boudoir, considered porn sya? its art demit! and jason is an artist, so he see things differently. unlike sa inyo, kapag may kitang onting laman, porn na! ano ba!

    this is a masterpiece! kuds jmag!

  98. Apple Says:

    It’s THEIR pre-nup video. PERIOD. :)

    Oh, Jason M. Hope to get you for Jan 2012 wedding.

  99. Mnyakis Says:

    Yeah…I gotta post this one!

    Lols.. but why would anyone be bothered with this video… it’s their prenup and that how they like it… the one problem is someone leak/post it online… but it looks like that Jason Magbanua is trying to take his 15 mins for fame using this video!

    I sure hope eh got the consent of the couple!!

  100. torvics Says:

    Ignore haters,they will always have something negative to say!lols. . .

  101. moy-moy Says:

    I love the video!!very artistic!!:)

  102. Erickson Says:

    It’s not the usual prenuptial video you could see. I could just say that it’s their own video though it’s inevitable that the public would criticize it because both of them are public figures coming from the showbiz and construction industry. At the end of the day people, they are still the one getting married regardless of what opinions you have for them.

  103. Gwem Says:

    After watching this, I see Jason Magbanua in a very bad angle now…

  104. anonymous Says:

    nagkalat pa din ang mga impokrito at nagpapanggap na malinis..in this forum sino ba ang di pa nakatikim ng sex before the wed?dont judge them…its their own vid! nakikinood na lang kau eh!kaya di umaasenso pinas dahil sa mga plastik at hypocrite like u guys!

  105. meeoww Says:

    im sure their future in-laws and the rest of their family including their future children would be very proud after watching this movie clip.

  106. lazy Says:

    why would ppl get mad at this video? its their prenup, their call.

  107. JIng Says:

    just wondering, how their parents and relatives will react to their video. yes, their adults already..but still, the stuff they did in the video are something that can make the oldies feel uneasy.

  108. ms m Says:

    the video is great but it’s too wild and not appropiate for a prenup wedding video…

  109. ish_she02 Says:


  110. mitch Says:

    I agree. It’s bold and very unique..Best wishes to Maggie and Victor. Great job Jason..

  111. Kenshi Says:

    Nah kahunghangan

  112. mitch Says:

    I agree with Tim and Jason.. Best wishes to Maggie and Victor..

  113. CoolAid Says:

    Cool prenup video.

    Those people who had negative comments are either HYPOCRITES or just ENVIOUS. Pick your choice.

  114. Bianca Says:

    For a pre-nup….its inappropriate!

  115. yme Says:

    how stocked up can 1 be for seeing negativity in 2 people in love making out…if you watched the whole thing and still claim your conservative haha im all laughs for you…
    the vid is hayop sa galing
    my husband and i love this…wait…and the car too

  116. melvin Says:

    First of all, BRAVO to you sir jason.
    + 10 to TIM. very well said. no matter how people think about what these two wants doesn’t change anything. for all me know, we all wanted to pull of something not so ordinary once in our lives. they did theirs so why not do ours.

  117. bebeng Says:

    the video was done with taste. now, for those very open-minded people, siguro marami lang tumututol sa video kasi yun yung mga taong may mga anak. if videos like this pre-nuptial of maggie and victor are openly accepted now what do you think would be the pre-nuptial ng mga darating pang generation ? parang nagset na sila ng trend eh. if that would be much more daring than this one ……. kayo na ang mag-isip.

  118. cheryl Says:

    beautiful video. all i saw was a beautiful couple in love and kudos to them. it was definitely different and it broke the conservative boring mold of a hypocritical society,i like it. it was a refreshing idea.

  119. ??? Says:

    Great vid! although inappropriate for a prenup video.. also, why in the car?!? they were already in the bedroom :))

  120. fUNNY People Says:

    You just gotta love these commenters. Bashing the video with their hilarious grammatical mistakes, all while trying their absolute bestest to sound articulate, smart and insightful. Just wow, you guys fail so badly.

    On the video: It was great. And to all you “conservative filipina brides” or whatever you call yourselves, shut the hell up. Are you seriously saying y’all never done some heavy smooching and petting prior to getting married? Hypocrites.

  121. Aion Zeta Says:

    First things first. Its THEIR video. It could’ve been for their private collection but they made it public which means they want needless attention because Maggie and her BF are attention whores — Well, this IS the ‘Youtube’ generation. A lot of people want their 15 minutes of fame (or infamy) so I say let them. Its their right to make it. Its our right NOT to watch it if we don’t want to but I know our curiosity will get the better of us and this is when you know you’re a hypocrite or not.

    You have to hand it to them for being brave, daring to be different. Prenup videos are usually boring stuff. The same thing over and over again with the “pa-tweetums” effect. While the video skewed from the traditional format, it is still tame compared to the other stuff seen online (or on TV/Film for that matter)

    Look. It is fine. People make out or have back breaking sex all the time. Before, after marriage, its the reality. So you goodie-two shoes who says otherwise are hypocrites.

    However, IF they really WANT to make a splash, let them make a sextape and have it “accidentally leak” online. Doesn’t matter if its prenup or postnup, no one will care as long as men see that hot woman get boned. That’ll get them more than 15 minutes of fame. Really, Maggie. I dare.. wait… I encourage ya.

    Seriously. We’ll be waiting.

  122. madd Says:

    to maggie & victor;
    …..you sure guys u want to go on with the wedding? you see.. many people now are saying you two or your marriage will not last.nakakalungkot di ba?
    …..maggie guess u should put an end to this before they totally get to ruin everything….
    …..i understand you two are so madly in love w/ each other but i still think that this thing should be kept in private kasi,sana dun nyo na lang ipinakita sa mga taong makakaintindi sa inyo like your friends or loved ones di ba?

  123. Anonymous Says:

    to all anti on this video? why? you’re not the one in the video and pictures.. you’re not the one getting marry.. they are.. if these they want to express to all.. them let them

  124. ranjit Says:

    kudos! i think it is very artistic, if i have the body as maggie, i’d do this too.LOL

  125. nahtot Says:

    huh? nu bah nmn kayoh… ayos naman yung vidz.. maxado naman kayong pakyeme! aarte..

  126. Ana Says:

    Ano ang PORNO don??? Ano pinagsasabi niyo. Ang ganda nga nung bidyo, magaling ang gumawa at saka WOW talaga dahil hindi marami sa mga pilipino ang kayang gumawa ng ganyang klaseng bidyo.

    Sa totoo, for a wedding prenup…hindi sha akma pero okay na din kung ganyang ideya ng prenup nila walang masama. There’s nothing wrong naman. Iba lang talaga siguro ang kultura nating mga pilipino kaya mas marami ang sa tingin nila ay nakakadiri.

    Yung bidyo maganda sha for “condom” commercial o di kaya “Anti-AIDS” epek…hehehe! Pero maganda talaga yung bidyo. Astig!

  127. Crystal Says:

    Creative, daring, controversial and different bold piece of expressive art for a pre-nuptial by two public figures in a conservative Filipino society. Dangerously done. Inappropriate? Yes. But, I like it.

    It’s really something different, to break out of the box like that and receive the attention with their status and power in a conservative society is sheer genius.

    They are hot, rich public figures in love and lust. This is all about them and it’s their way of expression. It may be inappropriate, but it’s their choice. They dared to be different, and they achieved it.

    I think it’s a great video. Bold move. Well done.

  128. Hannah Says:

    I like it. It’s a beautiful video. The colors and the shots are great. Plus the background music is one of my all-time favorite songs. The film may be avantgarde for the uninitiated conservative taste of most Pinoys, but I think it’s a valid (hot) expression of two people’s love for each other. Leave them be.

  129. BBrocks Says:

    I think it’s cool :)

    Come on people, as if you guys weren’t/aren’t like that before your own wedding! hahaha! Get real.

  130. Marjun Says:

    Nice shot…nothing to hide anymore…no more thrills!

  131. megan Says:

    hope the wedding will be for a lifetime or else…..well you know what happen next…anyway…so sexy and cool

  132. Audie_23 Says:

    It’s very artistic! I definitely like it!! C’mon, the 2 are liberated people—-it’s their choice and most of all it’s their wedding prenup so don’t make a big deal out of it!

  133. SAYWHAT Says:

    Wow, I’d love to have a video like this one, too! 3x the HOTNESS factor pa! ;)) But nope, I won’t show it in public. Much more as a prenup video! Kudos to their guts for showing something as steamy as this but really, I can’t help but think that they’re more into the attention-grabbing factor on this one. FOR SURE, people would LOOOVVE this video better if this was an ACTUAL SEX VIDEO!

  134. LMAO Says:

    i don’t disapprove nor approve of the video. it’s not up to me to in the first place anyway. I do however think that Jason Magbanua and Xeng Zulueta did a great job on this video.

    People, it’s not PORN! do you see actual intercourse or sex organs anywhere in this video? yes, there is sex-implied sex and THAT is what makes the video a work of art.

    I don’t see why this has become a question of morality and of lust and love. You people should really try to put yourselves out in the real world! So what if you don’t approve of Jason Magbanua’s work because it’s immoral (in your terms)? So what? He’s good at what he does and there’s no doubt about it. So what if Maggie and Victor are showing their lust for each other? They’re getting married THEY SHOULD lust for each other. And just because there is apparent display of lust does not mean that there is no love between them. If that’s how they want to show their love for each other so be it!

    to the people who are calling it ‘papansin’. It is the ‘papansin video of the year’ because you made it to be so. you took notice, you made violent reactions, you made the noise. and so what if it’s deliberately ‘papansin’ – at least it achieved its goal.

    to the person who think they should call off the wedding because other people don’t think they might not last – you’re hilarious. it’s their wedding, why should they care what other people think? let them deal with their marriage on their own.

    to “conservative filipina brides to be”, you watched the whole thing – are you sure you’re as conservative as you portray yourself to be? and what’s up we the violent reaction? it’s one thing to say that you don’t think the video is ‘appropriate’ but it’s another to start on personal attacks. repressed much?

    kudos, best wishes and good luck to Maggie and Victor. i’m sure it took a lot of guts just to shoot this video. it sure will give you something to look back to when you’re in your 80’s.

  135. janice Says:

    inngit lang sila.. manang daw… buti nga sila totoo sa sarili nila. We dont have any right to judge them its their own happiness and choice in life. We will just pray for a happy marriage to Maggie and Victor.

  136. mrskendz Says:

    oh my sizzling HOT :)

    if hubby and i have the same body as them, why not? :D

    i definitely think the couple pulled it off (not everyone can do the same thing while looking awesome! (read: di malaswa))

    and of course, kudos to mr. jason magbanua. very nicely done :)

  137. lurkermom's alter ego Says:

    When I first saw this video, I honestly didn’t know who they were, and I thought, hey how brave and bold and confident! What were they thinking? As a pre-nup video, it accomplished what it aimed for – to make the viewers feel uncomfortable. What else would you feel uneasy with than seeing REAL people undress and see skin and caresses up close.

    Yet the discomfort is appeased by good lighting, fluid camera work, crisp editing. You detach yourself and see it as good work. It also helps that the subjects have gorgeous faces and bodies, soft sheets, nice lingerie and a handsome car. Great visual elements, but then the uneasiness goes back again – these are the things you’d want to have but probably can’t :)

    I wouldn’t go as far as giving everyone kudos and saying it’s a piece of art. It’s just one good, sexy video that’s tastefully done. Something that gives you visual and sensual delight, and yes, discomfort. Because Victor and Maggie have what you don’t. And they did what you can’t.

  138. lurkermom Says:

    After all that I’ve said, my other me says that whether this was shot and edited beautifully, as a mom I’d die of a heart attack to see my baby in this kind of a video.

  139. non-orthodox Says:

    Let’s be realistic here, everyone in a relationship at more than one point can become steamy and end up doing pre-marital sex as well. Maggie and Victor are just very bold enough to un-fearfully show the world how inlove they are at this point, in this form. Not everyone can be as brave as they are.

    I love how Jason was able to pull this one off. If I do my pre-nup soon, I’d rather not conform with the traditional set-up of doing the shoot in an old house or a park. It’s boring and very common. No offense meant though. :)

  140. bully Says:

    Beautiful, yes. porno, don’t think so. I hav’nt seen anything offensive in this video to say its gross. as for the couple, it’s thier life, thier choice. let’s move on people. be true to ourselves. kaya tayo di umaasenso kasi masyado tayong conservative na wala naman sa lugar. no offense meant, I’m sure alam yan ng mga “conservative mail to order brides” natin.

    but then, i wouldn’t dare figure in that sort of video with my wife, nor would i let my daughter. but if somebody else does, let them be. get a life people.

  141. phoenix Says:

    di naman malaswa. the director did a good job.
    i would understand how some people would feel uncomfortable / offended. to each his own ‘ika nga. but for me, it’s a beautiful piece of work.

  142. Christian Tanglao Says:

    Definitely the hottest pre-nup video ever. Im glad Jason showcased his expertise in putting art and taste in whatever video he’s doing. After this, many “hot” and “daring” soon to be couples may go this route but hopefully, they’ll have Jason to put taste in their videos. The next time this would probably work would be if probably, some couple, like Angelica P. and Derek Ramsey decide to get married. But no, they wouldn’t have originality. Kudos to Victor and Maggie and of course the J-mag team for this!

  143. dantesan Says:

    The video is good.

    However, it would have been better if they used a Honda NSX instead of a Nissan GTR!

  144. oo nga naman.. Says:


    pang post nup video to….
    Peace!! :)

  145. hmmm... Says:

    inappropriate lng tlga siya… ginawa nilang maxadong public yan eh d may gussto clang patunayan o ipakita satin db… so mejo may paki n dn cgro.. pero in the end of the day… happy sila so… un lng un…=)

  146. yoojce Says:

    very sexy, &passionate.love the music! but I won’t do it for my own wedding..its indecent=( it should done not for people to see!

  147. non-orthodox Says:

    let’s leave them alone and stop judging them. it’s their life anyway.

  148. Anna Says:

    I think it is very truthful and artistic. People to be happy should get out of their closed minds.

  149. Anonymous Says:

    This video is an embarrassment to the sacriledge of marriage.

    These videographers are obviously in it for the money and hype. They really dont care if the couple’s reputation would be tarnished forever since its not them anyway. Jason Magbanua specifically said this on his website. Their lame excuse? – All for the sake of art (and money and fame)


  150. respect-your-future-wife Says:

    can’t believe a man was willing to expose his future wife like that. parang trophy lang. like, yeah, i love my porn star wife! hehe. peace. =)

  151. Newly-Married Lady Says:

    I think that the negative comments just goes to show how “ignorant” people can be in this society. Do you guys even know what “porn” is?

    First off, I didn’t even see what the big deal is with this video. Just like another poster said, “I neither approve or disapprove of the video.”

    But with how these so-called conservative Filipinos are reacting, it’s just really really disappointing. And to the person who was going-off about the video contributing to the main cause of “teenage pregnancy”, give us a break! The main cause of teenage pregnancy is IGNORANCE people. If we have a better sex education program, ergo better “contraception” practices then teenage pregnancies would not be as prevalent as it is today.

    Oh and with the people saying that the marriage would not last because of the 2 minutes and 59 seconds that they saw, sana basahin niyo ulit yung comment niyo and ma-realize niyo how it’s just utter ridiculous. Besides, what do you expect? Of course, for a marriage to work (except when you’re in your 70s perhaps).. there needs to be lust too, along with love. If ikakasal palang kayo and you don’t feel ANY lust for one another, nada?!? Then I would be very very scared if I am marrying the right person.

  152. abie Says:

    great video! it’s not porn or anything close to that…

  153. liz Says:

    each of us has our own way of expressing our feelings. these couple would like to show the world how they love each other.

    we would definitely be against the video coz we are filipino, conservative etc etc.
    the couple are real and not afraid to do this for their own not to please us.

    thumbs up for Maggie and her husband to be for a wonderful, unique prenup video.

  154. tuttifrutti Says:

    maraming ipokritong pinoy dito. lumipat na nga kayo sa timbuktoo! masyado kayong pakonserbatibo! kaya maraming teen pregnancy kase ganyan kayo! nagiging ignorante at ipokrito! comment kayo ng comment, pinapanood nyo naman. and please, id even bet na you’re wishing and fantasizing you’d do th same vid, kaso lang you dont have what it takes to do th same like what V and M have!

  155. Libby Says:

    definitely a porno clip…tsk-tsk-tsk!

  156. cute Says:

    taas ang kamay ng mga ng mga virgin pang ikakasal! ilang percent kaya?bak wala pang ten percent he he he

  157. chill pill Says:

    c’mon guys. jason magbanua is a VIDEOGRAPHER. not a saint. nor a preacher.

    the couple wanted him to capture their passion. and so he did. and he did it VERY WELL.

    if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. that’s what disclaimers are for.

  158. Eugene Says:

    The first 1min 10 secs (1:10) of the video was a masterpiece (great job, Jason! Love your work), but the rest after that was a disaster. Jason did a great job, it’s just the concept i guess. After 1:10 the video crossed the line between art and soft porn….epic fail. Sorry just my opinion.

  159. Nogz Says:

    para namang napakalinis natin sa mga comment sa video nila, if porno na tawag nyo dyan what more kung may lumabas na dede? let them do what they want, the mere fact na nag effort kayo para panoodin yung video dapat thankful nga kayo sa kanila, nasatisfy nila yung curiousity ninyo..peace…

  160. Nogz Says:

    sana lang tayong mga pinoy learn how to accept what others want to do or have , kung ayaw mo at wala naman collateral damage sayo just let it be at wag mo gawin sa sarili. move on ika nga . let others be happy. para naman maging happy ang bansang pilipinas. pero kung kapakanan mo ang apektado ipaglaban mo yun lang!……hehe

  161. queen Says:

    great work. really unique.

    guys, welcome to the real world…where pre-marital sex DOES happen. mas tataas ang kilay ko kung sweety pachummy video yan of an abusive husband and a battered wife who’ve had at least 1 abortion. nagpapakatotoo lang sila. there’s a thin line between conservatism and hypocrisy.

  162. mae iris Says:

    nice video..and very unique…but for a beauty queen like her, it is not a good image….

  163. asoc Says:

    the video itself is ok… specially if they kept it among their friends and family.. because in my opinion, di naman sila kagandahan. Akala yata ni Victor Consunji gwapo siya … ha ha ha.

  164. ccd Says:

    it looks more like a PORNO video

  165. Abbie Says:

    I like that its unconventional. One day, when they’re wrinkly and grey, they’d look back at this video and be reminded of the burning passion they’ve always had for each other. I think it really just depends on the viewer, I’m sure that neither Victor, Maggie or Jason meant to make people uncomfortable. And so what if Maggie’s a former Beauty Queen? She’s not in this video with anyone else, she’s marrying the guy for crying out loud. This isn’t about what other people would say, this is about how they feel for each other.

    Yes, it didn’t make you cry, it didn’t make you all fuzzy inside, its different, and its how they wanted to express their love for each other.

    Don’t you feel that way about your partner? You’re passionate, and you love them so much that you want them so bad. I dunno, but I get it. And it doesn’t make me a slore.

    P.S. What does pagka-ganda or pagka-gwapo have anything to do with this? Reading that’s just sad.

  166. abby Says:

    I think it’s a good representation of their love for each other.. Anyway’s carry naman nila..Kudo’s to Mango red and S’ JM u both did a good job!

  167. lala Says:

    it’s not porno! some Pinoys are so close minded. having a sexual relationship doesn’t mean it is a lustful one.

  168. Pammy Says:

    I agree! Carry naman nila kaya why not! My only fear is the couples who will try to copy this format pero walang K! Hahahah!

  169. peaches Says:

    i love it to bits! =) jmag is th BESTEST! Hehehe

  170. iheartRACQUEL Says:

    Good job guys!
    You really had a unique pre-nup video and it’s pretty artistic.
    To those who don’t agree….It’s not “PORNOGRAPHIC”! It’s just their way how to be different with others.
    But one thing is, it shouldn’t be shown to public because you know naman filipinos diba..others are so conservative.And especially, kids can watch this.( just my opinion)
    But again, you really did a great job!
    Thanks to Jason Magbanua and Mango Red !!

  171. Anonymous Says:

    amazing! very sensual nmn ng pre-nup vid well i think it fits nmn the bride and groom both have model type bodies why not flaunt it :)
    this for me is the more matured & courageous approach on wedding pre nups! haha!

  172. W@W Says:

    UPDATE: Victor & Maggie’s wedding onsite video is posted here: http://www.weddingsatwork.com/wawnewsblog/2011/01/08/wedding-hitches-nearly-mar-maggie-wilson-and-victor-consunji-nuptials/

  173. Gabe Dewen Says:

    ~its a nice and unique prenup video:)
    For me, its very artistic, though some FILIPINOS are not yet open minded to accept the modern ideas. If ever me and my man decided to tie a knot I’ll ask JMAG to do our prenup video.. Love it <3 :))

  174. nancy Says:

    Nice! i dnt see anything wrong with the video and they are not paid to do that, its 2 people so in love w each other, and thats the way they wnt their pre nup vid to be!anyways they are married now! ao leave them alone! haters!

  175. Pebbles Says:

    Not something I would like to show my family during AVP slide showing on my wedding reception but it was artistically done. I don’t think it’s near porn or anything, we have worse on mainstream media. At the end of the day, we all know they decided to bless their relationship with a marriage and not being hypocritical about it. Their way of saying “SUCK Y’ALL HATERS, WE’RE MARRIED!”

  176. apple Says:

    i wonder what their parents thought of the video… hmmm… did victor and maggie even consider the fact that his employees, construction workers, business partners, etc etc (basically people who look up to them with respect, in terms of business) can see his wife in this state? sinong lalake ang gustong mabastos ang asawa nila? na dapat sila lang ang nakakakita ng ganyan gawain? it’s tacky to a T.

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