W@W Assignment: Wedding Behind-the-Scenes


W@W Assignment is a series of timeline shoots assigned to different photographers to capture how wedding suppliers do their work from beginning to end and get a glimpse of some behind-the-scene images. The project is inspired by this blogpost by Dino Lara who covered the rarely seen images how weddings are made.

With this, we hope to give soon-to-weds an overview how much heart is needed to come up with a great wedding. If the wedding suppliers are treated right, they give you heaven & earth if they can.  But without mutual trust & respect, they still do their job but merely run on autopilot to get the job done.

To kick off the series, we start with the mother assignment which Benjie Tiongco willingly accepted to do for us. He covered all the bases for almost 24 hours! Benz got goosebumps when reviewing his assignment.

We’d also like to acknowledge Donna Romano-Uy (a W@Wie) for welcoming the idea and letting us sneak in her wedding, and to her of team suppliers for accommodating Benjie and giving him the extra space to be able to capture the images he needed.

Here’s the result of Benjie’s passion, dedication, and hardwork - W@W Assignment: Wedding Behind the Scenes.