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W@W Love 2012

There have been W@Wies in the past who brought their favorite W@W souvenir items up to their big day. But in 2012, we’ve noticed more and more couples were doing it and an equally growing number of wedding photographers capturing¬† these thru photographs as the brides (and grooms!) profess their love for W@W.

Here are our twelve favorite W@W LOVE shots . . .

Archie + Lorah
06 February (ting hun)

photo by Oly Ruiz of MetroPhoto

Tetel + Riza
31 March
photo by Nice Print Photography
Manny + April
12 May
photo by Joel Garcia
Peejay + Dei
25 May
photo by Jaja Samaniego
Ray + Charm
06 October
photo by Ariel Javelosa Photography
Paulo + Czarina
20 October
photo by AFama Photography

Benedict + Dianne
26 October
photo by Vinz Matias aka Rockin’ Photographer
Abets + Icar
30 November
photo by Noel Salazar
Randy + Kaye
01 December

photo by Larry Leong for Imagine Nation Photography

Jack + Van
01 December


Jackie + She
15 December

photo by Jamie Lijan for Imagine Nation Photography

Rainier + Joycie
29 December

photo by Alex Ruelo for Imagine Nation Photography