Tale of the travelling ‘W@W Love’

announcement: Today we start posting user-driven content by sharing stories contributed by our very own W@Wies (members of the W@W eGroup).  We would like to thank Joed See for getting the ball rolling. :) ~Abet & Benz

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Photo courtesy of Larry Leong for Imagine Nation Photography

I’d like to share with you a short story of weddings, friendships and details.

Once upon a time, a madly-in-love couple named Abet and Benz, created an online community for brides and grooms. They called it Weddings@Work. This is a support group for couples planning for their wedding. This is where you will find new friends who can easily relate to you and your woes in choosing between fuchsia and baby pink, tiffany chair or ghost chair, suit or barong, the list just goes on and on and on.

I’ve discovered this group online and it was just an exhilaration when I was able to share my simple wedding dilemmas and get an affirmation and new point of views. Not just a nod, and okay or a hmmmmm. It felt like, these are my people!!!! We were able to share our wants and dreams, workarounds (a.k.a. DIY) to achieve the wedding feel that we want but still within our budget.

Lately, it’s been going outside the confines of cyberspace. W@Wies, as we call ourselves, are now meeting up, going to each other’s weddings, helping out on DIYs, and a whole lot more.

Photo courtesy of CamZar Photography

Photo courtesy of Paul Vincent Photography

Photo from Mimma Benz at #wawbooth SM Megamall February 2013

Photo from Marie Francisco taken at Cucina ni Chef September 2012

Photo from Edward and Gracey’s Wedding December 2012

Photo from Didda Abet taken at Blue Leaf Banyan November 2012

The latest trend going on right now in the community is what we call, the Travelling W@W Love Items. These items have been shared by a W@Wie for the W@W community to borrow and use. Other W@Wies can use it as additional details on their wedding day or on their engagement and post-nuptial shoots.

Photo courtesy of Manny and April Photography

Photo courtesy of CamZar Photography

Photo courtesy of Black Tie Project

Photo courtesy of Noel Salazar of Imagine Nation Photography

Photo courtesy of Jaja Samaniego

Photo taken from Ersus-Jhellie’s Wedding March 2013

Photo courtesy of Macromedia

Photo from Jake-Jenny’s Wedding January 2013

The idea is simple, its really a pay-it-forward system. Not only do we maximize the items but we are able to share our love through these items. Weddings are expensive and items like these are really helpful to add that nice touch to your photo booth pictures, weddings preparations, entourage march, and even getting presents. ^_^

Now, isn’t it fun to be part of this community? As for me, all I can say is I’m really happy and proud to say that I’m a certified W@Wie!

Photo from Mimma Benz at #wawbooth SM Megamall February 2013

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