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about: Michelle (ni Jay) has been an overseas bride based in Queensland, Australia.  She planned her wedding long distance with the help of the internet. She maintains a wedding blog called the veRy long engageMent. ~Abet & Benz

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Time and time again, I read blogs from married or engaged people how they planned their wedding with the help of W@W. And everytime, I nod as if someone was looking at me and asking for my approval. I am a W@Wie. Aside from uttering “I am proud to be one”, I can also say that W@W has helped me in so many ways.

Jay & Michelle

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I am a W@Wie. When I became a member in 2009, my wedding date was still unknown. During that time, I may have had visited the eGroup about once or twice. My ideas for a wedding “that’s bound to happen soon” was very limited – it only came from a handful of wedding magazines as well as one friend who got married several months earlier. I had a promise ring from my then-boyfriend-now-husband for when I left the Philippines to work overseas.

I am a W@Wie. During the last quarter of 2010, I got more involved with the eGroup. The wedding date was still to be determined, but I was sure then that it would be very soon. The date on my W@W signature changed from “???” to “June 8, 2013” and lastly “June 8, 2012”.

I am a W@Wie. Whilst debating as to when (and where exactly) the wedding would be, I realized that there were a lot of things (and feelings) to consider to make this wedding happen. Every time I had something in mind, whether they were ideas or rants, a post in W@W almost always help. W@Wies are friendly and helpful. They listen to your stories, they give advices, they pray with you.

W@W is a blessing. Friends who read our wedding blog would already know that W@W was where we found most of our wedding suppliers. Prior to becoming active in the eGroup, we only had 1 supplier booked. We had ideas for the wedding but were unsure as to how we could make those happen.

Jay & Michelle

With Kris Matanguihan of Kris Matanguihan Videography

W@W is a blessing. My then-boyfriend-turned-fiancé-now-husband was already overseas as well when we came to a decision as to when exactly we get hitched. With both of us out of the country, and our siblings busy with school or work, wedding planning was still left in our hands. Aside from Google (or Blackle), Weddings@Work became my search engine.

W@W is a blessing. From choosing church + reception venues and deciding if to order paper straws or not, W@W has a ready answer. When you’re stuck with a DIY and needs a breather, W@Wies sympathize with you. Whether you have a budget of PhP XX,XXX or PhP X,XXX,XXX, you will feel at home with W@W.

W@W is a blessing. Not only did W@Wies recommend their suppliers, they also gave reviews on how those suppliers performed at their own weddings. Prior to booking providers, I already had an idea of what they were like pre & post-wedding. I made a list of who I want, showed the list to my then-fiance, and after doing his research (and making him read reviews too), decide on who we book. It was a long process as we didn’t want to miss anything, but it was worth it.

Jay & Michelle

With Marco Malaca of BlackTie Project

W@W is a blessing. More often than not, all our transactions were done via email. About once or twice, we met with shortlisted suppliers and booked those who we felt at ease with, or with whom we felt that “this-is-it” feeling. Through all these things – email transactions and meet-ups, I would still consistently check W@W for recos or reviews.

Jay & Michelle

With Sha & Jerdz Marinas of K Photography Manila

Jay & Michelle

With the team of Hearts and Bells

W@W is a family. Being overseas, we weren’t able to attend any Christmas Party, or any Summer Lakwatsa. The most memorable time I had with W@W was when I was finally able to attend an EB. Less than a week before our wedding, I found time and allotted half a day for a meet-up with co-W@Wies and of course, Mimma Benz – without whom there would not be any W@W. It was a joy meeting them in person and putting faces behind their names and signatures. Those were the people who helped me plan our wedding; those people whom I was exchanging messages with for the past 17-or-so months since wedding preps kicked in.

Jay & Michelle

Photo by Mimma Benz at Mary Grace, Greenbelt June 2012

W@W is a family. Now that our wedding is over, I still find time to post and reply and answer queries from brides (and grooms, occasionally) when they’re stuck with their planning. I owe a lot to W@W, for if not because of this eGroup, I would not be able to find wonderful suppliers who made our wedding a success.

Jay & Michelle

The Team of Events Malditas

Jay & Michelle

With Jieza Gotauco of k. by Cunanan Catering

Jay & Michelle

The team of My Photato

Jay & Michelle

With Norvin Gumayagay of NM Digital Enterprise

Jay & Michelle

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