67 W@Wies (Part 1) - W@W Chat

wawies 2013

about this episode:We wanted to do another episode featuring the W@Wies. We asked the group who among their fellow members would they like to hear in the podcast. Newlywed couples Nich + Marie Francisco, and Allan + Joed See, plus soon-to-wed Cecile (ni Lemjay), are among the most active in the group, so their names were the ones that came out. Since active W@Wies are usually a talkative bunch online and offline, the chat lasted for a couple of hours so we had to cut it into two episodes. Here is the first part…


  1. W@W Chat Part 1 | Joed Shares Says:

    […] listen to our chat with Mimma and Didda, go here — > http://www.weddingsatwork.com/wawnewsblog/2013/04/17/67-wwies-part-1-ww-chat/ This entry was posted in chat, interview, wawchat, wawies, weddings at work by Joed See. Bookmark […]

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