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Archive for the ‘Podcast’ Category

77 Kris Matanguihan – W@W Chat
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013


about this episode: We sat down with Kris Matanguihan with his wife, Liza about their videography business.¬† His first love is actually photography, but then he worked in a photo & video studio where he started to dabble into editing, until he finally decided to go solo. He shared that his business started to pick-up when this McDonald’s wedding reception he covered has gone viral and got exposure on TV & newspaper. Listen to another supplier’s success story here in our podcast! :)


76 Ting Hun, Chinese Weddings & EDSA Shang – W@W Chat
Wednesday, August 21st, 2013


about this episode:¬† We chatted with Sophie (aka the new Mrs. Sophia Cocuaco-Barrido) of EDSA Shangri-La to know how Chinese weddings are planned at the hotel. Aside from being ESL’s Events Manager who handles all Chinese engagements (ting hun) and weddings, she’s also a bride who planned for her own wedding.¬† In fact, she was already on leave doing some-last minute errands for her wedding, yet she still managed to sit and chat with us about work. The girl deserves a raise! :D


75 Feng Shui, Ghost Month & Wedding Date Selection – W@W Chat
Thursday, August 8th, 2013


about this episode: The Ghost Month is upon us (it started yesterday actually). But what does that exactly mean? We invited Prof. Sherwin, a Pinoy feng shui consultant to chat with us about feng shui, the ghost month, and wedding date selection.  These used to be a purely Chinese beliefs/rituals but more and more Filipino couples/families/businesses are subscribing to these eastern ideas for an auspicious life.


74 Aisle 1401 – W@W Chat
Wednesday, July 24th, 2013


about this episode: Crazy guests make a crazy episode. This one’s our chat with the video team of Aisle 1401 made of newlyweds John + Anna (who previously guested in our W@Wies turned suppliers episode), Miko and Drei. Our favorite part is when Drei did his typical wedding spiel to wedding guest with his naturally conyo accent. Worth a listen! ;)


73 Uno Ritmo – W@W Chat
Wednesday, July 10th, 2013


about this episode: Welcome to our second musical episode. This time we feature the wedding band Uno Ritmo (One Rhythm).¬† The group is composed of Hans (vocals), Leo (percussion), Benjie (bass), Chris (lead), and Ni√Īo (keyboards). We chatted how the group was formed and their individual musical influences. Towards the end of the episode, they rendered a couple of songs with Hans on vocals.¬† They played two more that I (Abet) requested on the spot.¬† My first time to jam with them and though I forgot the lyrics on both times, it was a fun experience. :D

To go straight to the music, here’s the song list:

  • 0:50:37 Collide (Hans on vocals)
  • 1:03:51 The Man Who Can’t be Moved (Abet on vocals)
  • 1:05:24 The Hurt (Abet on vocals)
  • 1:08:36 Sailing¬† (Hans on vocals)