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Archive for the ‘Video’ Category

AVP Week 2011 – Destinations
Monday, October 24th, 2011

After two years of absence, our AVP Week is back!  It’s a week-long video blogfest.  The AVP Week is actually what inspired us to do the W@W VideoFest. Names like Bob Nicolas and Phoeben Teocson kick-started their careers through AVP Weeks in the past.  This week, we’ll be featuring the “new kids” on the block.

About the video:

This takes you around the Philippines — from the glass towers of our concrete jungle, to the windmills of Ilocos, and down to the white sand beaches of Bora.  The scoring is subdued throughout, but the cinematic shots and sophisticated graphics served as peaks of this montage.  We especially like how they did their logo at the end.  :)

We are happy to open the week with this work by Treehouse Story. :)

Laya’s Trash-the-Dress (1st Birthday Edition)
Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

(apologies to Veluz for the mess)

For our youngest daughter’s 1st birthday, Benz & I decided that we won’t be throwing a birthday party and just allot the budget for a family holiday.  But of course, we could not let the special occasion pass without preserving memories for her to know how special her first birthday was.

For our final photo session with The Stork Studio (previous shoots while Laya was in-the-womb, newborn, three months, six months and nine months), Stan Ong and Sofia Genato suggested we go outdoors for the 12th month pictorial.  Benz was inspired by an Etsy-ish look (read: vintage and handmade) in one blogpost by Kelle Hampton and she made it her peg for the look of our mock birthday party.  I, on the other hand, wanted a “one-table-party” concept, with a family picnic feel.  Soon, we gathered-up our friends (some of the best in the wedding industry!) to help us achieve the look we wanted.

Our utmost gratitude for their generosity and the help extended to us. :)

our shoot location | Blue Leaf

styling & set-up | Teddy Manuel

Laya’s gown | Veluz

mini-catering* | Josiah’s
*spaghetti & fried chicken for us and the people who worked behind the scenes

cake | Sugarbox

yummy cookies | Joy San Gabriel

balloons | Polkadot Events

paper boutonnière | Vatel Manila

all watermarked photos by The Stork Studio | see more…

additional photos by Cherryblocks | see more…

And what better way to preserve memories than capturing them in moving pictures. The video below is a collaborative work by Pheoben Teocson and Threelogy:

Parting shot with the world’s cutest real-life caketopper!


Happy Birthday, Laya!  We love you! :)

John Estrada + Priscilla Meirelles wedding photos & onsite video
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011


If you’ve gotten hold of the April 2011 ish of YES! magazine with John & Priscilla’s wedding on the cover, you’d surely won’t find these pictures there.  The ones here are the wedding photos by Oly Ruiz of MetroPhoto that he agreed to share with our readers. More of Oly’s pictures will be seen in the upcoming issue of Star Studio. :)

The Bride

The Groom

The Bridesmaids

The Venue

The Guests

The Vow

The Gaze

Parting Shot

Here’s John & Pricsilla’s onsite wedding video by Nice Print.

Threelogy delivers the wedding industry’s tribute in W@W VideoFest – BIO: Jason Magbanua
Sunday, March 20th, 2011

MangoRed on Threelogy

“This industry is my home. And I am fortunate to have the most loving, most fun, and most caring family members. We do this week in and week out and one thing that keeps us from getting tired of it all (besides the couples) is the prospect of working along with friends the entire day. Thank you to my colleagues for the kind words and the genuine friendship.”

-Jason Magbanua


Mayad’s homage to “The Bachelor” at W@W VideoFest – BIO: Jason Magbanua
Saturday, March 19th, 2011

MangoRed on Mayad Studios

“I was most curious and excited to see what the brides and grooms had to say. After all, the bottomline is, we don’t do this to impress colleagues and to win awards. We do what we do for the couples. It was exhilarating to listen to them. An extra special treat for this video would be my acting debut. Perhaps a second career I might consider after videography.” ;-)

-Jason Magbanua