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Archive for the ‘W@W Announcement’ Category

TOP 10 Wedding Suppliers – 2013 W@Wie Awards
Saturday, October 26th, 2013

The W@Wies have spoken.

Announcing our TOP 10 Wedding Suppliers for 2013 . . .


in alphabetical order:
Aira Franco (prenup stylist) | Aisle 1401 (video) | Darlene Tan-Salazar (emcee) | k. by Cunanan (caterer) | Manny and April (photo) | Moki Gray (wedding decor/styling) | Tippy Destacamento (makeup) | Toy Cakes by Kiko | Val Villarin (makeup) | Vatel Manila (florist/stylist)

Scores are now back to zero and the W@Wies will vote anew to select their choices for the TOP 5 and the 2013 Supplier of the Year.

Winners will be announced during the awards night cum W@W Christmas Party to be held at the Blue Leaf Filipinas this November.

Congrats to our TOP 10!

The W@Wie Grooms
Thursday, June 20th, 2013

stick-groom.jpgIt’s almost understood that when a W@Wie talks to a fellow W@Wies via email, it’s pretty safe to assume the person on the other end is sis not a bro.

But in every batch of W@Wies since 1999, there would be at least one man (sometimes even a couple more) who joins the W@W eGroup and brave the wedding discussions populated by brides.  When active, these guys usually become very popular in the group since their point-of-view often standout especially when a sis seeks a much-needed male perspective to understand her fiance.

This is the reason why the W@W Peer Awards has a special category just for these special breed of men.  In 2005, I think the award was called ‘Mr. W@Wie.’ For this year, the title is changed to Ginoong W@Wie’ to make it sound like a national beauty pageant. haha!

Personally, this is my favorite category in the awards.  Unfortunately, the list of nominees was overlooned in our previous post so I’m making it up to them by writing a completely separate post just for them. naks!

Here are the nominees for the ‘Ginoong W@Wie’ in the 2013 W@W Peer Awards as nominated by their fellow W@Wies…


Allan (ni Joed) - this dude’s not part of the egroup (his wife is) but he’s more active than other members/lurkers in terms being there offline by tagging along in W@W EBs. He even shows up during ingress to help setup the W@W Booth.  In the picture above, he danced stripteased his way to the stage in last year’s W@W Christmas Party just so a W@Wie sis could take home the prize.


Aweng (ni Thessa) – he’s not just an active W@Wie groom.  His an active W@Wie. period.  How?  Even when his fiancee was in Canada during the wedding preps, he diligently did the the legwork for their wedding. He even hangs out with the sisses during EBs not minding being the only guy in a group of talkative brides. He does DIYs. He’s been so helpful to his sisses that he’s even invited to several W@Wie weddings that earned him the tag “Professional Wedding Guest.”


Japeth (ni Shannon) - In the egroup, he’s more active than his bride despite being based in Singapore.  So active to the point that he used to be mistakenly called ‘sis’ Japeth.  He updated the group regularly with their monthly accomplishments during the preps. We remember him being the 10,000th liker of the W@W FB page so we had to find a way to have his prize brought to Lion City (thanks Ingrid!).


Nich (ni Marie) – Just like Aweng and Japeth, he’s more active than his bride in the group discussions. He’s did the necessary arrangements and meetings with their suppliers. He even booked the florist!  He knew more about their wedding than his bride. He was even the one egging her to join the EBs so that he can go.

– – – – – – – – –

Guys like these are rare so they deserve the recognition given to them by their fellow W@Wies. Outnumbered but never an outcast.. Thanks for bringing the needed testosterone level of the group up by 1 to 10%.

Cheers to all grooms who actively participate in the wedding preps. MABUHAY KAYO BRADERS!

The W@W Peer Awards (redux)
Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Hear ye! Hear ye!

This coming July 7, 2013, the W@Wies will be having their Grand EB. This event will be filled with games, advices and a whole lot of fun. This is for W@Wies by W@Wies with the support of our generous roster of supplier friends. (So, thank you so much in advance!!! ^_^)

One of the highlights of this event, is the W@W Peer Awards. We first did the peer awards back in 2005 during the very first W@W Grand EB.  Just like the last time, the W@Wies nominated their co-W@Wies on 10 categories and now its been tallied and ready for voting. So who are the nominees? Come and let’s take a look!

Kaibigan ng Bayan Award

  • Cecile (ni Lemjay)
  • Freda (ni Jec)
  • Joed (ni Allan)
  • Nikki (ni Jay)
  • She-ann (ni John Neil)

Serbisyong Totoo Lang Award

  • Bonnie (ni Neptune)
  • Freda (ni Jec)
  • Joed (ni Allan)
  • Mimi (ni Jan)
  • Nikki (ni Jay)

The OC-OK Award

  • Donna (ni JP)
  • Jen (ni Jake)
  • Joed (ni Allan)
  • Kitel (ni Ruden)
  • Marianne (ni John)
  • Peachy (ni Alvin)
  • Pia (ni Eugz)

Always Present Award

  • Cecile (ni Lemjay)
  • Joed (ni Allan)
  • Marie (ni Nich)

Ginoong W@Wie

  • Allan (ni Joed)
  • Aweng (ni Thessa)
  • Japeth (ni Shannon)
  • Nich (ni Marie)

Blogerista Award

Tunay na Malikhain Award

  • Donna (ni JP)
    • donna-headband.jpg
    • donna-bouts.jpg
    • donna-hanger.jpg
  • Karen (ni Zham)
  • Kitel (ni Ruden)
  • OJ (ni Charles)
  • Thessa (ni Aweng)
    • aweng-bouts.jpg
    • aweng-invites.jpg
    • aweng-pillows.jpg

Talk of the Town Awards

Trending Wedding

Trending Prenup

Trending Video

So there you have it! Exciting times for everyone! So W@Wies, vote now! ^_^

W@W Love 2012
Monday, January 21st, 2013

There have been W@Wies in the past who brought their favorite W@W souvenir items up to their big day. But in 2012, we’ve noticed more and more couples were doing it and an equally growing number of wedding photographers capturing  these thru photographs as the brides (and grooms!) profess their love for W@W.

Here are our twelve favorite W@W LOVE shots . . .

Archie + Lorah
06 February (ting hun)

photo by Oly Ruiz of MetroPhoto

Tetel + Riza
31 March
photo by Nice Print Photography
Manny + April
12 May
photo by Joel Garcia
Peejay + Dei
25 May
photo by Jaja Samaniego
Ray + Charm
06 October
photo by Ariel Javelosa Photography
Paulo + Czarina
20 October
photo by AFama Photography

Benedict + Dianne
26 October
photo by Vinz Matias aka Rockin’ Photographer
Abets + Icar
30 November
photo by Noel Salazar
Randy + Kaye
01 December

photo by Larry Leong for Imagine Nation Photography

Jack + Van
01 December


Jackie + She
15 December

photo by Jamie Lijan for Imagine Nation Photography

Rainier + Joycie
29 December

photo by Alex Ruelo for Imagine Nation Photography

Crime of ‘Passion’ – the 2012 W@Wie Awards trilogy
Saturday, November 17th, 2012

We usually announce outright who is named the W@W Supplier of the Year, but doing this time would spoil the movie for those who didn’t see it yet.  Of course, we left an obvious clue for those who know where to look. But if you’re the type who’s keen on spoilers, you may highlight here —> Passion Cooks got the top spot. Congrats again, Maja! shhh… <—

Anyway, the plot involves this masked assassin holding the bio of our TOP 10.


The terrorist captured half then killed them using a specific tool of their trade.  That left only FIVE.

spoiler alert: here’s our TOP 5 —> K by Cunanan (catering), Vatel Manila (flowers/styling), Passion Cooks (catering), Jaja Samaniego (photo), Aisle 1401 (video) <—

 Four more are tortured and murdered with murder weapons associated with the victims . . .


[closing credits]

Kudos to Fiel, Sheena, Shake, and the rest of Team Mayad for this daring concept for our Top 10 video.

Great acting by our Top 10!

Congrats to the Top 5!

Our salute to the 2012 W@W Supplier of the Year!