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If the Dress Fits: the BKS Way
October 1st, 2014

While it’s pretty easy to google body structures vis a vis wedding gown designs, it’s not very easy to actually choose a flattering wedding gown for one’s body structure. Call it the battle of wants vs realities. We want something but the style just doesn’t agree with the reality called “current body structure”.

We thought it would be a great idea to interview all 3 designers who made it to the top spot of the Weddings at Work Top 10. Yes, they each have Supplier of the Year trophies — Ms. Veluz Puno - Reyes (2005), Mr. Cecilio Abad (2008), and Mr. Boy Kastner Santos (2011).

For part 1, we will focus on the responses of the one people lovingly call, Tito Boy. :)

Q: When a bride comes to you for a gown design and her pegs are totally not possible given her body structure, what do you usually do?

A: I discourage her from pursuing. I make sketch options.

Q: If the bride wants a lot of beadwork and has each of the following figures, where would you put the majority of the beadwork?

A: For petities, beads would be on the upper part or the sides. For those with inverted triangle figures, the beads would be at the center. I avoid highlighting the shoulders. For pears, the beads would be on the upper part, and for full figured women, I focus on the cut because it’s more important than the beads.

Q: If the bride wants a ruffled skirt, but has a certain body structure, would you say go or no?

A: For petites and those with hourglass figures, I would say, “go”. But for those with pear and rectangular figures, I would most likely say, “no”. For inverted triangles and full figured individuals, I can go with “maybe”.

Q: Many want bustiers or tube top gowns, is there a particular body structure that doesn’t agree with this kind of neckline?

A: I would discourage those with fuller chests.

Q: Which neckline can you consider as versatile?

A: Sweetheart and v-neck are pretty versatile

Q: What cut best hides or takes away the focus on the following:

A: For those with big tummies, empire cut; for those with big hips, I cut on the first hip. Those with bigger legs are fine with long gowns while those who want to hide their arms can have draped sleeves.

Empire Cut

Cut on the first hip

Draped with beads

Q: Most full figured women go for sleeves and off-the-shoulder cuts, would you go with the same options? Why/not? What would you recommend for plus size brides?

A: I recommend a semi-plunging neckline to accentuate the decolatage and elongate the figure. Off-the-shoulder is ok.

Q: If a bride wants to lose weight, up to how many months prior to her wedding date can she put off the measurement taking date?

Peak season wedding (October, November, December, January, February, May)

A: 4 to 6 months

Off-peak wedding (March, April, July to September)

A: 3 to 4 months

Q: What percentage of brides per year actually end up altering their bodies after they declare they want to lose weight before measurement taking? (Rough estimate e.g. Only 1 out of 10)

A: 4 out of 10

Q: Any general tip regarding gowns and body structures?

Listen to your designer. Consider the inputs he or she gave. Inspiration and budget should go hand in hand.


(W@Wie in 2009; married Emman and forayed into the world of weddings in 2010, and has since been blessed with two W@W Top 10 stints — first, as wedding planner in 2010 and second, as event host in 2013)

77 Kris Matanguihan - W@W Chat (repost)
September 26th, 2014

FYI: W@W Chat is our wedding podcast. Its first airing was in July 2011; it went on until Episode 79 last October 2013. Yes, we just might bring it back, but for now, enjoy our past episodes. We are randomly posting past episodes weekly, so we asked listeners/ readers/ W@Wies/ Supplier Friends to pick their fave and write an intro. This one is by W@Wie Cecile Jagua-Lucas (W@W addict and winner of Always Present W@W Peer Award.) Let us know which is your fave! ~W@W Team


FAVE EPISODE – Kris Matanguihan This is my personal favorite not because he is my friend through his wife Liza, but because he is so much fun to talk to and he’ll make you feel comfortable when he’s working. Meet the man behind the McDonald’s wedding reception that went viral on the net, on TV, and in newspapers…. meet my Kuya Kris Matanguihan. :)

77 Kris Matanguihan - W@W Chat posted September 3, 2013

You may listen to the episode by clicking (play) on the embedded audio player above. You may also right-click this link to save the MP3 and transfer it to your phone, ipod, tablet, and the like. If you’d like to download previous episodes of W@W Chat, please go to iTunes and look for W@W Chat or click on the links of previous episodes. :)

Get Inspired part 2
September 24th, 2014

Read Get Inspired Part 1 and see the different moodboards and inpirations the W@Wies used as pegs for their wedding.


And once you’ve decided on a theme, the creative juices would most likely keep flowing. There are practical and lavish ways to personalize and customize your wedding.

Here are our suggestions:

You can DIY.

If you have the resourcefulness and time, “Do-It-Yourself”. Some of our couples did their own wedding details.

Add your personal touch and theme on some of the stationeries, ceremony, and reception essentials and nice-to-haves.

Save the date
Vases, Bottles

A reminders on DIYs though, you don’t want to stretch yourself too thin. See if your family members and friends can also help out or ask your coordinator and caterer if there are items they already have in storage.

“When planning to DIY, start early. Its better matapos siya earlier than to cram 2 weeks before the wedding. Make a checklist of what you are planning to DIY. If you’re not into crafts or arts, wag napiliting mag-DIY…hehehe!” - Cris(bride) ni Kim(groom)

“You have to decide if you’re going to spurge on it or not, may stylist ka ba o kaya mo na ng DIY? Remember hindi sa lahat ng panahon mas mura ang DIY, you would have to spend both time and money in making them so you have to be really sure and determined.” - Sonny+Joanna

To hire or not to hire an Events Stylist…

A bare and open space allows you to be more inventive, but may require major decorating. While a venue with a beautiful landscape may just need minimal styling or none at all. Most caterers have basic table arrangements and backdrop options included in their packages. You can opt for an upgrade or if budget permits, you can go all the way and let a professional do his/her magic.

As W@wies shared, they have lots of ideas but they need a reliable person who can execute those so that on the day, everything will appear organized and thematic.

“Yes, our stylist is also our florist & coordinator…it is risky to get one supplier to do all of these but I thought it’ll be easier for me so I don’t need to deal with different suppliers. I chose a stylist that has the same aesthetic as we do, so we need not worry about every single detail and trust that he knows our taste and the over-all look & feel that we are going for. He also know our non-negotiables such as colour restrictions, drapes, etc.” –Naz & Diana

But is it really necessary to have a theme? Heck, in the good ol’ days a plain colour motif is enough, right?! Putting the element of “us” in our weddings makes the preparations more inspiring and the celebration itself extra special and memorable.

“Having a theme means our minds and energies are focused to a particular goal. Our thoughts will be more collected and the overall look, more unified. It also means we have to stick to a certain look even if something more beautiful, more elegant comes up. I believe, the process of choosing and executing your theme will give you a glimpse of what it will be like when you guys are married na, like how the two of you will work together as a team.” - Sheena and Carlo

“Let’s face it, we girls tend to be indecisive when it comes to wedding details and practically everything. Haha! So the theme will keep us from getting distracted. You don’t want your wedding to be a hodgepodge of everything, right? With a theme, it should be easy to choose a color motif, get pegs for pre-nup photos, find decors for your reception, and even structure your program. Also, decide on a theme that you can execute without too much trouble.”

“It sets the mood of the wedding and it makes the wedding unique.” - Daniel & Bernadette

“Cost wise, having a theme also helps because it can set your gauge on how much you can spend for the look that you want to achieve. Also, it would be easier to talk to your suppliers so that they also know how to work on your big day.” - Mixie & Mitchie

“For me, a wedding with so many details is nice so long as coherence is maintained. Having a lot of designs that do not relate to each other is too much and too heavy. Don’t under estimate the beauty of setting a theme. A wonderfully executed theme will be evident on your wedding pictures. Having a theme also does not mean that your wedding will be expensive.” - Melvin and Caren

“Choose a classic theme na many years from now when you look back eh happy pa rin kayo that you chose that theme for your wedding. Put your own style. Don’t choose a theme dahil lang sa uso.” -John Neil & She-Ann

There are a lot of ideas out there but what works best is something that has meaning to both of you — one wherein you can tell your story, show your personalities, and share your passion to your families and friends.

And as we always say in W@W, “don’t stress on the small stuff.”. Enjoy the moment and just have fun! Happy preps! :)


(Overseas W@Wie since 2012, been in LDR and tied the knot in 2013; N@wie neophyte, and baby on the way!)

Mini EB with Feliz: A Review
September 22nd, 2014

We had another Mini EB last September 7 and it’s too rich not to share, so we asked W@Wies Leslie to copy notes from W@Wie Maan to share to our readers.

Here are the tips discussed by Feliz Lucas of Lifestyle by Feliz and guest photographers, Manny and April Photography.

1. Know the best side of your face.
- Get your phone camera and do a selfie. Check which eye is bigger. Most of the time, the side with the bigger eye is your best side. This is vital especially for the succeeding tips.

2. Four Basic Face Pose Variation
- Look down
- Look away
- Look at the camera
- Look at your partner
Remember: Adjust your eyes properly and ensure that the eyeball is balanced. (not white part only)

3. How to Look Thinner in front of the camera
- Look down
- Extend your neck forward.
- Make sure that your eye is nearer the camera than your chin.
- Then smile and breathe through your lips. (inhale-exhale)
- If you turn your head side wards, try to make the veins on your neck appear. It may help if you will adjust your shoulders as well depending on your angle.

4. Poses on a standing position,
- Keep your legs together as if they are kissing together. Bend one knee.
- Point your knee out then tiptoe to have a longer leg.
- Make sure that your weight is on your back to create an angle as well.
- Cross legs
- Cross legs at the back (as if checking your shoe if you’ve step on a chewing gum)
- As a props, you may use a sturdy object such as chairs, walls, window, etc that you can lean on

5. Hand-movements
- Make a variation with your hands to avoid awkward poses (military pose).
a. Try the “masakit sa katawan” look. You may hold your neck, shoulder, tummy, back portion, head, chin, etc.
b. You may also put your hands at the side and widen your shoulder.
c. You may also put your hands on your hips but make sure to put an air space in between your armpit. Elbow at the back.

6. For grooms,
- Keep your legs apart.
- Put one foot forward.
- Weight at the back.
- Hands inside the pocket or hips.
- “Tambay look”.

7. For couple pics,
- Do the poses in clockwise and counterclockwise position. (either husband/wife) will be assigned to do this. This is to ensure that the couple will not be on the same direction.

Additional Posting Tips:

1. If with big arms, keep your elbow at the back.
2. If seated on the floor, bend your knees.

Additional Info:
1. For best pic results, use colored contact lenses (amethyst/green)
2. False eye lashes will look good too. Brides may try #53 from the Beauty Bar.
3. Try Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler. This will work even with those short and few lashes.
4. If pictorial is at night, avoid moving and be still for a few seconds to keep the quality of the picture.

When you are shy, you are being selfish.” – Feliz Lucas

Time well spent.

Photo Credits: Manny and April Photography


(W@Wie just this year, 2014. Will set to marry his best friend and long time boyfriend, Lesley, who happens to have the same name as her. An advocate of the W@W Primer and W@W BYP. )

Get Inspired
September 10th, 2014

On Wedding Ideas and Inspiration (part 1)

What’s one of the most exciting yet trying tasks during wedding planning, you say? Any bride-to-be would agree with me on this – deciding on the theme! Searching for pegs is just too much fun — whether it be flipping through wedding magazines or late night browsing of pins on Pinterest, wedding blogs, websites, and the Instagram accounts of respectable wedding photographers and videographers. Loads of photos and concepts are widely available and free online. Some of the popular and favorite international and local sites with feature editorials and real weddings are The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, Martha Stewart, Metro Weddings, and Bride and Breakfast, among others. It can be overwhelming at times, but all those pretty details transport you nonetheless, to your very own wedding day, making you giddy imagining what it would be like.

So, how do you start and how do you decide? Did I say it can be overwhelming? Don’t fret, our resident W@Wies will let you in their secrets. Here are a few of their most imaginative wedding themes. Yup, they are sharing their own moodboards with us. (Sorry no credits as they also grabbed all the images from different sites, do let us know if they are yours we would gladly put credits)

Incorporate the vibrant beauty of nature or the lush colours of the seasons! Fresh as spring, calm as the beach, whimsical as an enchanted forest , or relaxed as a backyard garden with a shabby chic vibe.

Winter Wonderland
“We both love cold weather and since wedding namin ay sa December patok siya sa winter theme. And we really wanted the guests to experience winter kahit nasa Pinas:)” - Ace &Oline

Glass & Fire
“Actually accidental theme lang ito. What Jon and I want lang is a very elegant and clean set up sa reception. While looking for pegs, I’ve always leaned on glass, floating candles, ghost chairs, and Swarovski. Lahat ng pegs napinakitako kay Jon, approved! At first, hindi ko pa alam na glass and fire na pala theme namin. I didn’t know kasi how to call it. Basta alam ko lang very fragile and glam iyong pegs na pinapakita ko sa stylist (which is okay kasi we want a formal and adult-only affair).” - John Neil & She-Ann

“We first decided on the motif – yellow, black, and white. Then a friend (who’s also a wedding planner) suggested, why not make it a bee-inspired wedding. And we agreed it would be nice and would fit our personality, ie we didn’t want our wedding to be so formal.”–Melvin & Caren

Neutral Nautical
“We originally wanted a classic white wedding until one day, we came across some quirky nautical quotes… then we thought of having our reception at a yacht club so we decided to go all the way and go for a nautical inspired wedding.” - Naz & Diana

If you and your fiancé love the Arts, History, or Science, why not showcase the geeks in you. And yes, it’s cool, too!

Blanc and Noir (Black & White)
“It was hubby’s decision to have a classic “mafia” look. Hahaha! So from prenup to wedding, all set kami to (use) black and white. And since hubby is not a huge fan of color, he really pushed for these two colors only. At first, we had some issues coz he has a traditional family. They didn’t like our colours due to superstitions. In the end though, it was an elegant affair to remember.” -mysterious wawie

Carnival or Vintage Circus-inspired
“First date namin sa EK. Sobrang nagkakasundo kami sa mga extreme rides. Dream namin puntahan lahat ng mga countries with famous amusement parks and extreme rides.”
- Oliver&Nelle

“I fell in love with the pattern, una sa lahat madali lang naman siya gawin and I think I can do Chevron stuff na hindi naman masyadong masakit sa bulsa. Another things is I really find the pattern fun, simple, and elegant just like us…hehe!” - Sonny+Joanna

“I have always dreamt of having a Cinderella-like wedding.” –Arnold&Mina

“We added the Filipino touch because one, we can get resources easily and two, we have a number of foreign and balikbayan guests whom we know would appreciate the nostalgic touch of Filipino (elements) in our wedding without going overboard. We want the feeling of ‘elegance yet relaxed, nostalgia yet modernized, opposites but well put together’.

Music and Words
“We are both musically inclined. Both of us sing and play musical instruments.”
- Dave and Mitch

“H2b was the one who came up with the theme. We’re both music enthusiasts and band members. But we thought that a music-themed wedding might be a bit too cliché. So since both of us are the official ’songwriters’ of each of our bands, and also since I’m a writer by profession and he’s some-kind-of-a poet (not by profession… LOL) and we love having long conversations, he thought “words” is the perfect theme for us.” -Jamierose

Travel or Vintage Travel
“It is something we both enjoy doing and since long-distance relationship, baggy na bagay talaga.” - Bry+Aimee

“H2b and I both love to travel. Our relationship developed in our travels together. We tried to think of a different wedding theme because travel theme is getting more common these days but we cannot think of something else that best describes us.”

And what can be more appetizing than… Food!

Coffee and Tea
“Though we have the same name, we are the exact opposite of each other. I realize we are like that as a couple. We might have different stand on things or preferences, BUT we complement each other. And on the obvious point, he loves coffee and I love tea. ;)”
- Lesley and Leslie

‘Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice’
“We actually can’t decide on a specific theme so we just decided to incorporate a li’l bit of everything that I and my hubby liked! I included Harry Potter books in the registration table design. And we made boutonnieres with Lego, Marvel, & DC characters. Also in the colours we picked, almost every candy color was included!” – Nix and Lei

“Young and Playful”
“We’re a jolly and happy and cheerful couple kasi, so we decided to come up with a theme that suits our personalities. Happy peg. :)” - Kai&Drei

And once you’ve decided on a theme, the creative juices would most likely keep flowing. There are practical and lavish ways to personalize and customize your wedding. (to be continued…)


(Overseas W@Wie since 2012, been in LDR and tied the knot in 2013; N@wie neophyte, and baby on the way!)

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