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08 Oly Ruiz - W@W Chat (repost)
August 15th, 2014

FYI: W@W Chat is our wedding podcast. Its first airing was in July 2011; it went on until Episode 79 last October 2013. Yes, we just might bring it back, but for now, enjoy our past episodes. We are randomly posting past episodes weekly, so we asked listeners/ readers/ W@Wies/ Supplier Friends to pick their fave and write an intro. This one is by Photographer Ian Santillan. Let us know which is your fave! ~W@W Team


FAVE EPISODE – Metrophoto Oly Ruiz

If there’s one thing that separates a photographer from being simply “good” as opposed to being “great”, it’s the drive to be the best. In this day and age, there’s just a handful of photographers who possess this innate desire, and I think, Oly is one of them.
This particular podcast episode gives us a deeper insight on why Metrophoto is considered as one of the top photographers in the wedding industry. Listen, learn, and be inspired.

8 Oly Ruiz - W@W Chat
posted September 7, 2011

You may listen to the episode by clicking (play) on the embedded audio player above. You may also right-click this link to save the MP3 and transfer it to your phone, ipod, tablet, and the like. If you’d like to download previous episodes of W@W Chat, please go to iTunes and look for W@W Chat or click on the links of previous episodes. :)

The Wedding Suppliers Basketball League
August 13th, 2014


The Wedding Suppliers Basketball League started out as a simple “pa-liga” among wedding suppliers — a chance to meet and greet beyond the confines of work-related conversations, preparation, ceremony, and reception venues. Aside from building camaraderie, it was also an opportunity to have suppliers experience something they can’t handle during summer given than there are so many weddings happening in April and May. Lean months are August and September, perfect for the league since many aren’t too busy with work.The surprise came when registration was opened and so many expressed interest in joining, so much so that the league ended up with 16 teams, some of which have as many as 20 players since they don’t really know when the games would be scheduled and they want to make sure they can field players any time they would be called upon to play.

Opening Day

August 11, 2014
Celebrity Sports Club
Quezon City

The atmosphere was charged with energy and excitement. Although there was a bit of a wait for other teams which was partially used for team pictorials, there was also so much chatter among suppliers, their significant others, and their children. Building camaraderie? Check!

Thoffy, the League Commissioner, gave the opening remarks and led the ceremonial jump ball with the team captains

Madz of Madz and Dhzei sang the National Anthem

Anna led the prayer

Bong Sare of Threelogy and Dream Team read the Oath of Sportsmanship.

After the parade of teams with their muses, the prayer, the singing of the national anthem, and the oath, it was time to award the Muse of the Year. The judges, Boy Kastner Santos of BKS Couture, Abby Basa of KTG Events, and Benz Co - Rana of Weddings at Work, scored all the muses during the march, and upon averaging all scores, the winner was announced. Cheers erupted from the Dream Team as Aaron Lejarde’s name blared through the speakers.

More photos from the opening day here. Photos by Manny & April Photography.

The Games

Four games will be played per game day since the 16 teams were randomly divided into 4 brackets. Team captains and their representatives drew lots during the meeting to identify their brackets.

ALL STAR Team captain – Lec Bartolome; Team Players from – IGS films, Eugene Martinez, Derek Yee Video, Rewind Video, Jake Olaso films, MOV films, Vipes studio, Blacktie project, MBV films

ANG NUNO Team captain – Ian Cruz; Team Players from – Notion in motion, Bob Nicolas, Ian Cruz films, Dan Mendiola, Ghe Consolacion

AWESOME Team captain – Mark Cuevas; Team Players from – Awesome events, JAH sounds, Focal shot PH, Chef Shekinah

BLACK CHAMBA Team captain – James Limsoc; Team manager – John Marvi de Guzman; Company – Cinemaworks, Ian Celis, James Limsoc

CHESTKNOTS - Team captain – Carlo Acetre; Team Players from – Photo MNL, Sunkissed Collective, Blissful house digital, ADR photo

DREAM TEAM - Team captain – Aze Ryan Ching; Team Players from – Joel Salindong Digital Video, Cherryblocks, Threelogy, The Make-up Studio, J&J Photo, Proud Rad, Jason Magbanua, Christian Andaya films, Phoeben Teocson Video, COTE

FRESHMINDS - Team captain – Rexelle David Videña III; Company – Freshminds, Jason Angcao photography

MA DEL’S - Team captain – Zaldy Valencia; Company – Ma Del’s

NU (Nelwin Uy) - Team captain – Mic Manzanares; Team manager – Nelwin Uy; Company – Nelwin Uy

PASSION COOKS - Team captain – Roddel Sorreda; Team manager – Maja Martiniez; Company – Passion Cooks

PRIME FOCUS - Team captain – Jorel De Castro; Company – Juan Makulay, Kris Matanguihan, Christian Andaya films, Kreative Emotions,

REJECTKREW - Team captain – Dandy Capiral; Team manager – Elmer Bautista; Company – Events by Thoffy, Rejectkrew, Aisle 1401, Manny & April, Red Scale; Pictratto; BKS Couture

SUPER DRY - Team captain – Bryan Venancio; Company – Randolf Evan photo, Stephen Prado films, JR Soriano, Marc Marcaida, Mango Red, Bryan Venancio, Posh Studio

TRO TECH - Team captain – Angel Peñarroyo; Company – Tropical blooms, Tro tech

VIKINGS - Team captain – JB Delgado; Companies: Imbitado events, Little Big stories, Lightshapers, Brillant bum Photo, The One exclusive by KTEEM, Treehouse story, Wingdingz Invitations

X ART - Team captain – Joaquin Ambata; Company – Marche, Omgee films, J.AM Films, Dreamechanics, Faces Portraits, Ian Santillan, Ricky + Jean Photo, JP photography Blacktie project, Rox Puno photo

Check out the Facebook page of the Wedding Suppliers Basketball League for real time updates and game schedules.

Wedding Survival Kit
August 11th, 2014

Listed below are the usual contents of the W@Wies’ wedding survival kits. These items may help lessen the impact of unexpected incidents.

*artwork by The Pretty Palette by OJ


She became a W@Wie in 2014, and yes, she can’t wait for the day to say “I DO” to a co-worker/friend-turned-boyfriend in June 2015.

70 Investment 101 - W@W Chat (repost)
August 8th, 2014

FYI: W@W Chat is our wedding podcast. Its first airing was in July 2011; it went on until Episode 79 last October 2013. Yes, we just might bring it back, but for now, enjoy our past episodes. We are randomly posting past episodes weekly, so we asked listeners/ readers/ W@Wies/ Supplier Friends to pick their fave and write an intro. This one is by Photographer Benjie Tiongco. Let us know which is your fave! ~W@W Team


FAVE EPISODE – Investment 101

Making an investment sounds scary for most people probably because it’s unfamiliar territory. It seems like a serious deal of big money to be poured in and you’ll lose some if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, I think everyone should be educated on what it really is and why everyone should have it. Read that? Everyone and anyone can actually have investments.

guess this will benefit wedding suppliers and couples given the limited time that we have in our careers. As they say, “Live a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t”.

70 Investment 101 - W@W Chat
posted May 29, 2013

You may listen to the episode by clicking (play) on the embedded audio player above. You may also right-click this link to save the MP3 and transfer it to your phone, ipod, tablet, and the like. If you’d like to download previous episodes of W@W Chat, please go to iTunes and look for W@W Chat or click on the links of previous episodes. :)

The Process of Letting Go (of a Supplier)
August 6th, 2014

You stay up late checking out online portfolios and reading through tons of feedback regarding your chosen suppliers. In the process of searching for feedback or checking out pictures featured in blogs, you come across other photos or video clips you like better, a negative review about one chosen supplier, or a photo of someone you don’t like with almost exactly the same set of suppliers.

Hold your horses! You don’t get rid of a supplier just because of one or two negative posts or because you feel that you like someone else’s outputs better or because said supplier failed to answer your e-mail right away. Suppliers are humans. There will be times when they won’t be pleasing to others; thus, it will be normal to find a few negative tidbits here and there. What’s important is that the positive feedback far outweigh the minor, negative feedback. Suppliers have families. Thus, there will be times when they will have to re-schedule a meeting because they need to prioritize a school activity or bringing a family member to the doctor. Suppliers are beholden to their clients. Although some wish to stick to a certain style, or some may want another strategy, they do have to please their current clients and adhere to requests.

I personally recall a former bride of mine calling me in the middle of the night — after attending a wedding with the same videographer as the one she booked. She was aghast at what she watched and felt scared said supplier would come up with something as “unpalatable” as the one she just saw. First, I cautioned her about stating her opinions if she was in the midst of other guests. Second, I made her recall the reaction of the bride. Was the bride happy upon watching the video? If she was, then perhaps, the videographer gave in to her request. Third, I told my former bride not to change her videographer, rather, to look for a peg of what she likes so we can show it to the team. (Note: When she found her peg, the videographer adhered to it, and yes, she was satisfied with the SDE.)

But what if you REALLY need to let go of a supplier?
I would advise that you take these steps:

Step 1: Research first. Is your booked supplier really incapable of producing what you want? Sift through his/her online portfolio and feedback from real couples. Never make the mistake of assuming that one or two or even three samples (photo slideshows, video clips, feedback) encapsulate the entire gamut of strategies and styles said supplier could employ. Just as you do not want to be judged as a bridezilla or a narrow-minded groom, you should also avoid judging a supplier and labelling him or her as someone capable of only one thing. Most are multi-faceted anyway. Sebastian in “The Little Mermaid” sang, “The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake…”. We all need to learn how to be content and avoid thinking that other couples are better off because they have other suppliers.

Step 2: If, after your research, you still want to change your supplier, please take time to talk to the said supplier heart-to-heart — thresh out issues honestly and politely. If you really feel that their other couples got better treatment, mention it and say you feel bad, but don’t sound antagonistic. Listen to the supplier’s explanation and give him/her the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, said supplier might be willing to go the extra mile just to correct how you feel or to rectify upon admitting having made a mistake? (Most would rather apologise, give a discount, or add another service than lose the goodwill you both had early on.)

This was the case between a former bride and her photographer. She felt her prenup photos do not speak of the abilities of the photographer as showcased in his online portfolio. She wanted to let go of the contract. However, I told her that the said photographer works hard and aims to please. She might be better off talking to him than letting go right away. The result? He offered to do another prenup. Of course, she was elated with the results. Nothing beats talking things out nicely — yup, sans angry outbursts.

Step 3: If the research and the meeting/threshing out of issues made you dislike the supplier further, then you will have to resort to this step. But note, it’s labeled as step 3, because this is something one does only when “all else fails”. If you really must give up a supplier and book someone else, please tell the said supplier as soon as you have undertaken steps 1 and 2 and decided that there’s no other recourse but to let go. Make this a proactive action. Inform the supplier about your reason for letting go. For instance, “I am sorry I will have to cancel my booking for (state date). I know that we started off really well, but for the past 2 months, it has been very difficult to get hold of you and get responses to queries. Perhaps, my letting go will give you more time for your other clients. Thank you for everything and I wish you the best.” It pays to be honest because sugarcoating and telling the supplier that your ninong/ninang gave you another coordinator, photographer, videographer, HMUA, etc. will not help the supplier improve, rather it will make him/her feel deceived. He/She might get hurt upon reading the cancellation notice, but at least, it gives him/her the chance to hold on to other clients by improving on certain aspects of his/her services.

In most cases, and I do mean 99% of the time, you must be prepared to give up your downpayment. Almost all suppliers have a stipulation for “nonrefundable downpayments” because dates and slots are important. If you book a year ahead, said supplier will most likely turn down at least 2 other inquiries. Thus, your booking fee becomes payment for a lost opportunity to get paid in full for the slot you vacated. It’s a different story though if the supplier cancels on you, said supplier should return the downpayment because you will need it to book someone else in his/her stead.

Letting go is always difficult. It’s a decision often fraught with emotions. So yes, avoid deciding on impulse — even if you booked the supplier on impulse as well. Research a bit more and talk to the supplier to validate your initial thought of letting go. If it gets validated, then by all means, inform the supplier officially right away and help the supplier improve by giving your honest reason for cancelling. Turn the negative experience into something positive for both you (catharsis) and your supplier (improvement).



(W@Wie in 2009; married Emman and forayed into the world of weddings in 2010, and has since been blessed with two W@W Top 10 stints — first, as wedding planner in 2010 and second, as event host in 2013)