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77 Kris Matanguihan - W@W Chat
September 3rd, 2013


about this episode: We sat down with Kris Matanguihan with his wife, Liza about their videography business.  His first love is actually photography, but then he worked in a photo & video studio where he started to dabble into editing, until he finally decided to go solo. He shared that his business started to pick-up when this McDonald’s wedding reception he covered has gone viral and got exposure on TV & newspaper. Listen to another supplier’s success story here in our podcast! :)


#HashtagParty (How to celebrate with friends without actually spending!)
September 2nd, 2013

(designed by Irene Bercasio)

It all started with a #hashtag.  Since most events nowadays (wedding included) have a hashtag in this age of social media, I wanted to figure out a way for friends to greet me other than the usual timeline post in FB.  Two days ago (August 30), we encountered Pose and Print’s #hashtagproject in Imagine Nation Photography’s surprise 10th Anniversary Party where guests posted pics via instagram using the event hashtag and those were printed instantly just like in a photobooth.

I told Mimma I also wanted to have a hashtag on my birthday too and she was warm with the idea.  Her only concern is that it shouldn’t come off as too self-absorbed or masyadong feeling. I knew I wanted to use #Abet41 because its short and descriptive.  We wanted the ‘mechanics’ to be effortless for our friends so we simply thought of asking them to use the #Abet41 hashtag (via FB, Instagram or Twitter) in whatever post they fancy.  Benz did the inviting to this #hashtagparty and our friends responded overwhelmingly! It’s hilarious to see the hashtag ina few totally random pics. :D

Literally, hundreds and hundreds of posts and pics came pouring in my feeds from August 31 to September 1 (my actual birthday).  I have a few favorites, and since wedding suppliers are creative people, their memes top my list.

Here is my TOP 14 #Abet41 memes by wedding suppliers…

14. Joannie Candi of Daniel Lei Studio designed this elegant calligraphy on a white Vespa scale model.


13. Photographer Samric Mante inserted a birthday greeting and hashtag in a debutante’s onsite.  I hope he was able to delete it before it was played during yesterday’s event. :D


12. Videographer Kris Matanguihan did this ransom note-style layout, most probably while eating! :D


11. Sheila of Jorem and Sheila Catilo Photography cracked a personalized knock-knock joke.  #abetchabygollywow


10. OJ of The Pretty Pallette (wedding & event branding) did this Vespa-themed caricature.


9. Makeup artist Madge Lejano who’s also a brand ambassador for Ponds used my Throwback Thurday pic to make me look like a #pondsbride #pondsbro. hehe


9. Event stylist Teddy Manuel greeted me as ‘Beyonce.’  The pic was taken when he performed “Single Ladies” during W@W’s 10th Anniversary with other single ‘ladies.’ ;)


8. Photographers Mimi + Karl were enjoying their a vacation in Bohol but that didn’t stop them to join the fun.They took the #Abet41 to the beach!


7.  Chef Velmor of Purple Dish Catering cooked up something simple, creative, and descriptive of his profession.


5. Event stylist Gids Hermosa and his Team Events Studio in Dagupan, Pangasinan did this #Abet41 banderitas to celebrate!


4. Jo Anne of Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza | Wedding Photographers was unceremoniously ditched from the logo by Jayson in my favor.  Told him I’ll be collecting my fiar share from the company soon! ;)


3. Oly of MetroPhoto posted this quote.  Had to ask him what the original word he covered and he said ‘kind.’  No sense of rhyme in the original and Oly’s is obviously better and more appropriate.  Btw, ‘abet’ is actually an English word that means ‘to encourage or assist to do something wrong; to instigate or incite.’


2. Jason Magbanua drew a check I can’t cash. Mimma’s actually disappointed that Jase only wrote P1M. :P


1. Brothers Mar & Kel Laquindanum of WeCelebrate (formerly MyPhotato) did this oil on paper painting entitled “#Abet41″ in 35 minutes.


Let me take this opportunity to thank all our friends who joined us to celebrate the #Abet41 Hashtag Party! MARAMING SALAMAT! :D

76 Ting Hun, Chinese Weddings & EDSA Shang - W@W Chat
August 21st, 2013


about this episode:  We chatted with Sophie (aka the new Mrs. Sophia Cocuaco-Barrido) of EDSA Shangri-La to know how Chinese weddings are planned at the hotel. Aside from being ESL’s Events Manager who handles all Chinese engagements (ting hun) and weddings, she’s also a bride who planned for her own wedding.  In fact, she was already on leave doing some-last minute errands for her wedding, yet she still managed to sit and chat with us about work. The girl deserves a raise! :D


75 Feng Shui, Ghost Month & Wedding Date Selection - W@W Chat
August 8th, 2013


about this episode: The Ghost Month is upon us (it started yesterday actually). But what does that exactly mean? We invited Prof. Sherwin, a Pinoy feng shui consultant to chat with us about feng shui, the ghost month, and wedding date selection.  These used to be a purely Chinese beliefs/rituals but more and more Filipino couples/families/businesses are subscribing to these eastern ideas for an auspicious life.


74 Aisle 1401 - W@W Chat
July 24th, 2013


about this episode: Crazy guests make a crazy episode. This one’s our chat with the video team of Aisle 1401 made of newlyweds John + Anna (who previously guested in our W@Wies turned suppliers episode), Miko and Drei. Our favorite part is when Drei did his typical wedding spiel to wedding guest with his naturally conyo accent. Worth a listen! ;)